El més intel ligent, solucions més eficaces per a la importació, Exportació i recuperar totes les dades de correu d'Outlook.


We are the group of software engineers offering a broad range of development services and turnkey solutions in a number of areas. The company employing several certified professionals with years of experience in the IT industry, the company is committed to delivering user-friendly, eines de programari fiables i altament concentrat-que eficaçment solucionar problemes els usuaris dins un termini mínim. We contributed to the creation of multiple recovery, import, export and data exchange solutions for applications of various types.

Our software products are sold over the world, so we are often faced with the question whether we have the official representatives in various parts of the world. It is possible that we do not have representatives in your region (please check here) so you can become our official partner for the distribution of our programs in your area. Our partnership can be made through a discount or you can become affiliate through one of our payment systems.

Long Term Partners

If you wish to participate in the long term partnership, our software should be represented at your site. Our products should be described with the unique texts and should be linked to the product page at our site. You can use the snapshots, box-shots and other related graphics taken from our site or request us to compile it for you individually.

Occasional Resellers

Additionally we offer our discounts to the occasional resellers. You may request the reseller discount using the support email or the contact form at our site. Please include the following information to your request: product, license type and quantity.

For further information and to receive a customized offer please contact us using the contact form.

Assistent per a importació d'Outlook

Assistent per exportació de Outlook

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