Ang pinakautokan, labing epektibo nga solusyon alang sa Import, Eksport ug sa Pagpahiuli sa tanan sa imong mga Panglantaw mail data.

Description of Our Products

Our line of products consists of a growing number of user-friendly and efficient tools that help our customers deal with different aspects of Microsoft Outlook in various situations: during complete and partial migrations, backups and post-crash recoveries. Our products are intended for a very wide audience, so their user interface has been simplified to be clear and self-explanatory for people with the most basic understanding of computing and minimal experience. Niini, apan, does not mean that their functionality has been affected in any respect –; all of our products are based on advanced proprietary engines that combine performance and accuracy with extensive support of popular formats.

All of our products are 100% compatible with Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 ug Microsoft Outlook 97-2016 (alang Windows). To try any of our products in action, lang download its free trial version from the product page.

Outlook Import Wizard

Panglantaw Wizard Import - Click on product image for detailed description.

This import tool dramatically facilitates the task of importing email messages in a variety of formats into Microsoft Outlook.
The program supports *.eml, *.emlx, *.msg and other files and enables you to transfer previously created folder structures from your hard drive to your Outlook PST file (most tasks: convert eml sa pst, convert msg sa pst, import eml sa outlook, import msg sa mga file ngadto sa Outlook ).

The program acts as an combined eml sa pst ug msg sa pst panalapi featuring a built-in primary integrity check module and keeps the original file and folder structure intact, which may come especially handy for regular importing of backups.


The package also contains a bonus –; sa usa ka free mbox sa eml panalapi. With help of this free utility you can extract emails from *.mbox files for future importing to Microsoft Outlook o PST file.

For more information about Outlook Import Wizard, it capabilities and the ways it could help you, please visit this page.

Outlook Export Wizard

Panglantaw Export Wizard - Click on product image for detailed description.

Outlook Export Wizard is intended for extracting data from your Outlook PST files and saving them in a number of formats. The software exports email mga mensahe, mubo nga mga sulat, mga kontak, calendar tasks and journal entries ; all of the object types stored in Outlook data files. Outlook Export Wizard can be used for exporting emails into editable formats that can be modified, archived or published online. The tool is ideal for pagbalhin Outlook messages into alternative email applications and backing up your personal correspondence archive.


The program work with existing Outlook profile ug standalone PST nga mga file ug recreates their folder structure on the hard drive. You can either specify the extraction parameters manually or take advantage of the format autodetection mode that will automatically pick the most suitable format for the items being extracted. Outlook Export Wizard is a perfect tool for quickly exporting data from your Outlook to other applications!

For more information about Outlook Export Wizard, it capabilities and the ways it could help you, please visit this page.

Outlook Recovery Wizard

Panglantaw Recovery Wizard - Click on product image for detailed description.

Outlook Recovery Wizard is a powerful and intelligent Outlook data recovery tool for damaged Outlook PST ug OST files. The program is capable of restoring email messages, mga kontak, mubo nga mga sulat, journal and calendar entries –; everything you can find in a typical Outlook data file. Based on a proprietary PST pag-ayo engine, the program uses multi-pass scanning and recovery to achieve excellent efficiency with any files.


Thanks to a clean and unambiguous interface, using the program is extremely easy –; all you need to do is to follow simple on-screen instructions and click your way through the recovery wizard. No special knowledge or prior recovery experience is required to successfully recover your personal or business information from a PST ug OST file damaged after a hardware crash or a power failure.

The program works with standalone PST ug OST files located on your hard drive or any drives connected to your PC and does not modify the source file in any way, so you can be sure things won’;t get worse after your recovery attempts.

For more information about Outlook Recovery Wizard, it capabilities and the ways it could help you, please visit this page.

Product Notes:

Ang mga narehistro nga bersyon mahimong usa ka bag-o nga bersyon gidaghanon ug naglakip sa dugang nga mga bahin ug sa mga kagamitan, katuyoan kay sa gihatag diha sa mga trial version. Licensed users are entitled to the fully-functional copy of the software and free upgrades.

Ang marehistro nga pagsulay nga bersyon naglakip sa registration sa pagpalit sa mga pahinumdom. Usa ka marehistro user makahimo sa kinabig sa lamang sa usa ka limitado nga gidaghanon sa mga file. Ang panalapi Dili nga gidisenyo sa pag-import nga mga mensahe sa Outlook Express. Kini mao ang import nga mga mensahe ngadto sa MS Outlook, mao nga ang MS Outlook instalar ang gikinahanglan.

Ang imong mga komentaryo, mga sugyot o mga ideya nga bililhon kaayo samtang magpadayon kita sa paghimo sa mga kalamboan sa atong software. Kita sa tinuod nga makadayeg sa inyong mga feedback. Kon kamo adunay bisan unsa nga mga pangutana mahitungod sa atong mga produkto, pangutana bahin sa imong order, o kon ikaw nagkinahanglan og tabang, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. Lang pagpadala kanamo sa email, and we’;ll get back to you as soon as possible.