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Yazılım iş günü kurtardı!

Jim McCool

I was having Kızımın dizüstü bilgisayarda Microsoft Vista işletim sistemi sorunları devam ve Windows 7'ye yükseltmek karar verdi. Windows 7 yüklemeden önce, Yeni işletim sisteminin tüm önceki Windows işletim sistemleri mi yaptığı gibi yerleşik destekleyen herhangi bir e-posta yazılımı yoktu anladım, ve böylece bir ayrı e-posta yazılımı kullanımını gerekli, Outlook, vb. I wrongly assumed this meant that I had to create a new storage folder in Documents and move and save all of her email addresses and email folders that were in MY Mail in the Vista operating system before loading Windows 7. That was a bad assumption. In doing so, her newly stored email folders were not in a format (PST) that Office Outlook could import. As I later realized, if I had not moved and stored her email folders in Documents, during the installation of Windows 7 these email files and folders would have automatically been converted to a format Office Outlook could import. Not: Windows 7 will only support Office Outlook if is a 2003 or newer version.

Son olarak, after many hours of trying to import the old email files and folders, (1gb) it became clear that could not happen in the format they were in. After more research, I learned of your Outlook Import Wizard software. Your software saved the day and after downloading it, I was able to easily reformat all the old email into a pst format and then import it into Outlook. It worked perfectly!

I don’t know how many others out there in the do-it-yourself computer land will make the same mistake as I did when upgrading to Windows 7, but if they do, I hope they will quickly find out about your Outlook Import Wizard software. Keep up the good work.