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How to import emails into pst outlook and organize directories by user profile

Q. We already have the directory structure in place. But we need separate PSTs files for each person, Neil.pst gibi, Andrew.pst, Alex.pst, vb. Is there a way to do that?

A. If all customers emails should be imported to the one PST file, you can copy all e-mail files s into separate directories on the hard drive, then import them all to the PST file.

Örneğin, you can create directories like:

D:\Emails\Neil\ …;
D:\Emails\Andrew\ …;
D:\Emails\Alex\ …;

After that you will be able to point the Outlook Import Wizard to the source root folder D:Emails Utility will import all emails in accordance with folders and subfolders structure.

If you wish to import each user folder to separate PST file, you should select the user folder as a source and process the importing separately. Those users who have Enterprise License can setup the Batch Importing queue to import the emails into several .pst files.