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Transferring EML Messages into a PST Password-Protected File for Microsoft Outlook

This article describes how to set an MS Outlook PST password and features within Outlook Import Wizard for working with PST wachtwoord-protected files.

How can I set an MS Outlook PST password?

The simplest way of protecting your personal data (mail, contactpersonen, notities) saved in an MS Outlook Personal Folders file is to set an Outlook PST password. To perform this task, launch Microsoft Outlook and choose the “;Data File Management; command in the File menu. On the “;Data Files; tabblad, choose the PST file which you wish to set an access password for and click on “;Settings.”; After clicking on the “;Change password”; knop, enter your old password (if there was not a password previously then leave this field blank), your new password and type it again for verification. Bovendien, the password can be saved on the computer in order to not enter it every time when accessing the PST file: to do so, check the “;Save this password in your password list; checkbox (this option is not recommended if multiple users have access to this user account).

EML importeren of messages into a password-protected PST file using the Outlook Import Wizard PST het hulpmiddel.

Outlook Import Wizard boasts a mechanism for MSG and EML importeren of messages into a password-protected PST file. Dus, when attempting to transfer e-mail messages into the default but password-protected Personal Folders file (;Default Outlook storage; modus), the program will ask you to enter the PST wachtwoord, which is required to start the MS Outlook importeren process for messages. If you have chosen the PST importeren of messages into a separate .pst file (;Orphaned PST file; modus), one which is protected with a PST wachtwoord, then the password needs to be entered in the program itself before processing begins, in the “;Password; field on the first page of the wizard.

Note that the Outlook-Wizard importeren utility for password-protected Personal Folders files always requires that you enter your password. Outlook Import Wizard is not capable of PST password recovery or cracking MS Outlook .pst files! Do not lose your PST wachtwoord and save it in a safe place. If the password to the .pst file is lost, you will need to use special utilities for PST password recovery.