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Additional Options of Order Page

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Nous offrons des options supplémentaires: Recevoir le logiciel sur un CD, Garantie prolongée de téléchargement et Service de récupération de clé-Code.

The confidence and security of a physical CD

Order our software on a CD for an additional cost (includes shipping and handling).

Within 48 hours after your purchase a CD, it will be shipped in a white sleeve, packed in a cardboard mailer. At the order page you will be offered a CD containing the software installer and key-code for eml to outlook importing tool.

Garantie prolongée téléchargement

For an additional cost Plimus will keep a back-up copy of Outlook Import Wizard installer should you need to re-download it for any reason.

Download links for customers remain live for 48 hours at the Plimus side. By purchasing an Garantie prolongée téléchargement, you have access to yours download for 1 or 2 years. If you prefer not to purchase this option, simply deselect the check box.

Service de récupération de clé-Code

We will keep the license key for you at our side.

We are sending the Assistant Importation Outlook license keys to our users. But the license key may be lost in case of hard drive crash or other computer malfunction. C’est pourquoi, we offer our customers to pay for the Key-Code Recovery Service. If you lost the key-code, but pay for license recovery service, Vous pouvez contact our technical support and the key-code will be sent to you again.