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Which Data Is Outlook Export Wizard Able to Extract from Outlook?

This article explores one of Outlook Export Wizard’;s main features: the program’;s versatility as an email grabber that can handle not only messages you wish to extrair do Outlook, but other information saved in PST containers.

Data which you can extract from Outlook using Outlook Export Wizard

PST files are the central containers for the storage of Dados do Outlook: e-mail messages and their attachments, contatos, and also calendar, journal and task manager entries. One of Outlook Export Wizard features is that the utility works as more than just an e-mail grabber, as it is able to extrato de PST files other types of information. Por exemplo, the program makes it simple to extract contacts or entries from your Calendário do Outlook, which can be used to exchange personal data in electronic form or for import into task management software. This means that if you are using Outlook Export Wizard for a migration Outlook ; alternative mail client, you will be able not only to extrair e-mails but other accompanying information as well.

Outlook Export Wizard will help you to easily extrair do Outlook the following items:

  • E-mail messages in your Inbox, Caixa de saída, Enviado, Excluído, Rascunhos, Junk and user-created folders;
  • Contacts from your address book;
  • Calendário do Outlook events;
  • Journal entries;
  • Notas;
  • Tarefas from the Task Manager;
  • RSS feeds;

How to extract Dados do Outlook with the help of Outlook Export Wizard

Before export, the program will analyze the structure of the source Personal Folders file and display it as a list of directories. You can go through this list by clicking to expand the directories which have nested sub-folders. The number next to the name of each directory is the number of items of the given type found in the source .pst file. Next you can begin the process to extrair e-mails, which will take just minutes thanks to the program’;s special algorithm, which is capable of processing vast amounts of data.

Importante: if a format is chosen in the “;Formato de saída; menu drop-down, then all data will be saved in that format. For the program to save Dados do Outlook depending on the exported object’;tipo s, turn on the “;Autodetect”; opção.

If the “;Autodetect”; option is activated, o programa irá extrato de PST files Outlook calendar items and address book contacts in the vCalendar (.vcs) and vCard (vcf) formatos respectivamente, while extracted e-mails and other items will be saved in .msg files. O MSG format is universal for most Outlook items. Por conseguinte, if you decide to extrato de PST format a Nota item and save it in message format, the next time that the new file is opened, you will view the note with all of the information fields maintaining their previous values.