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Need to convert your emails into Word documents? Want to share your messages on the Web and need them in the HTML format? Looking for a way to transfer emails from Outlook to an alternative email client? Consider it done!

Outlook Export UtilityOutlook Export Wizard [RALE DOSYE] is a multi-functional export and conversion tool that enables you to extract the contents of Outlook PST fichiers ak sove enfòmasyon sa a nan yon kantite be'l varyete fo'm. The program allows you to quickly export email messages, nòt, kontak, kalandriye travay, journal items ; simply put, all kinds of objects and items you can find in Outlook and convert them into other formats for further editing, publishing or processing by third-party applications. Outlook Export Wizard can also be used for creating complete backups of your Outlook storage file where each element can be immediately accessed and opened in a corresponding editor.

The program preserves the folder structure of the source PST ranpli and recreates an identical folder structure on your hard drive. Outlook Export Wizard can work with existing Outlook profiles ak standalone PST files residing on your hard drive or other media [ read more about exporting modes ]. The format auto-detection function greatly simplifies the Outlook data export process allows you to let the program decide which output format should be used for the items being extracted. The following output formats are currently supported by Outlook Export Wizard: EML, MSG, RTF, HTML, VCF (vCard), TXT, MHT, VCS (vCalendar), iCS (iCalendar) ak TNEF.

Rale dosyepou ti fenèt 32/64Achalisans kòd sou liy
Resevwa l' nan CNET Download.com! ;Resevwa l' nan CNET Download.com!

Kondisyon sistèm: Microsoft Windows OS, 32 oubyen 64-moso vèsyon pipiti de youn, Microsoft Outlook 97-2016 for Windows, 32 oubyen 64-moso edisyon. Sous ki sispann konpatib fòma: *.pst or Outlook user profile.

Below is a brief overview of Outlook Export Wizard capabilities:

The program has a very simple interface based on an easy to use wizard. The wizard consists of the following short steps:

  1. Selection of the source file (Outlook profile or a separate file) and the destination folder;
  2. Outlook items analysis and preview;
  3. Outlook data extraction.

  • Export of Outlook *.msg email messages to “;The Bat!; and other RFC822-based email clients
  • Fast and easy recreation of the structure of Outlook sub-folders on the hard drive or other storage devices
  • Extraction of Outlook almanak entries, kontak, email messages, nòt and other items into corresponding folders
  • Filtering of emails by several key parameters, such as attachments and message size
  • Ability to extract Outlook atik and save them to files of the MSG fòmate (PST pou MSG), which facilitates the backup process
  • Ability to save Outlook atik in the Microsoft Word RTF fòmate (PST pou RTF) for further editing and publishing
  • Conversion of Outlook contacts to the Virtual Card format (PST pou VCF), which greatly simplifies the migration of Outlook contacts to Lotus Notes
  • Ability to save email messages as HTML fichiers (PST pou HTML) for subsequent publishing on the web
  • Conversion of Outlook mailboxes into the MHT fòmate (PST pou MHT) preserving HTML formatting, embedded graphics and other objects that can be used for presentations or one way archiving
  • Export from Microsoft Outlook profiles and standalone PST fichiers of Unicode ak ANSI formats in Outlook.
  • Saving data for future viewing, sharing, modification, printing or web publication
  • Easy-to-use wizard allows your end-users to export data quickly
  • Powerful export options for multiple data format

Outlook Export Wizard is smart, fast and is a great value for your money. Feel free to download the trial version ni ni purchase a license to enjoy the benefits of lightning-fast Outlook data export and backups!

NÒT: Outlook Export Wizard utility is not working with damaged and corrupted PST fichiers. It can extract data from healthy PST fichiers ak Outlook user profiles. If your PST file can’;t be opened with MS Outlook (it is not the personal folders file or it should be recovered error displayed), please use the PST recovery tool and repair the corrupted PST first. Then you will be able to extract data from recovered PST ranpli.

Outlook Export Wizard will tremendously simplify data migration between Microsoft Outlook and any other applications, be it email clients or text processors. If you move lots of data from Outlook to other programs on a regular basis, this handy software will be just the right thing for you!

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pa Jenifer Holman sou Pespektiv ekspòtasyon sòsye
It did the trick!

I needed to quickly upload the contents of a pst file to Google Apps. Your Outlook Export tool did the trick.

This saves us a large amount of time.

Thank you very much for the creation of the software. With Outlook Export Wizard we extract a number of emails from a single PST based upon search criteria. We then import the extracted emails into a new PST we can easily mail out for review. This saves us a large amount of time as we no longer need to create the folders for each email. (as outlook is a pain and won't import folders!)