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Hoe om te omskep MSG lêers te EML formaat en invoer EML lêers in Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook Express kan werk met lêers van EML formaat, die Outlook MSG-formaat is nie versoenbaar. So MSG lêers kan nie aanvaar word nie deur die [object Window]. Maar met die hulp van Outlook Import Wizard kan jy omskep MSG lêers in die EML-formaat en dan die invoer van EML e-pos in Outlook Express.

Met die hulp van Outlook Import Wizard kan jy:

  • ('n) Omskep jou MSG lêers na die EML-formaat
  • (B) Invoer EML lêers in Outlook Express

Hoe om te omskep MSG lêers in die EML-formaat:

Let asseblief daarop dat as jy het geen MS Outlook geïnstalleer, jy moet aflaai en die installering van die Microsoft CDO soos beskryf in die artikel. As jy MS Outlook geïnstalleer is, kan jy slaan die installasie CDO.
('n) MSG EML Omskakeling:
  1. [object Window] Outlook Import Wizard en installeer dit:
  2. Run the Outlook Import Wizard
  3. At the first wizard page select the “;Convert EML and MSG files to:; opsie
  4. In the list below this option, please select the “;EML –; [object Window] (RFC822); value
  5. ;Press NEXT button
  6. At the second page of wizard press the “;Browse; button
  7. Choose the root (high level) folder where your MSG lêers are stored
  8. Disable the “;Find EML files; opsie
  9. Press NEXT button
  10. The program will find all MSG lêers in th selected folder and it’;s sub-folders
  11. Press START button and wait till the conversion will be completed

You will find then files converted to EML formaat near source MSG lêers. They will be saved to the same directory where the source MSG lêers are stored.

(B) EML to Outlook Express Import:
Now you can select eml files and drag them to the Outlook Express folder (using drag-n-drop operation).

Microsoft Outlook Express can work with files of EML format, the Outlook MSG format is not compatible. So MSG files can not be accepted by Outlook Express. But with help of Outlook Import Wizard you can convert MSG files into EML format and then import EML emails into Outlook Express.