Protingiausias, efektyviausių sprendimų importavimas, Eksportuojančių ir susigrąžinti visus savo "Outlook" pašto duomenų.

Existing users of our software can extend the term of their license and receive a guaranteed discount

Klausimas: Mano licencijos galiojimo laikotarpį Outlook importavimo vedlio nustos galioti. Ar yra bet nuolaidos, kai aš jį pratęsti?

Atsakymas: taip, there are. Per the terms of HELLOAGAIN’;s ongoing promotion, existing users of Outlook Import Wizard and another software can extend the term of their license and receive a guaranteed 50% discount regardless of the type of license they have or are purchasing. This means that if you want to continue using Outlook Import Wizard for another year with an Enterprise license, the payment amount will be reduced from $44.95 to $22.48, plus a volume discount for purchases of multiple licenses. This discount does not apply to any special offers.

Į HELLOAGAIN coupon provides a discount when you buy another product from So our clients who have already discovered the advantages of Outlook Import Wizard can buy our new products: "Outlook" Eksporto vedlys ir Outlook atkūrimo vedlys with a 50% discount.

The payment amount includes all software updates and priority technical support for the license period. All products can be purchased through FastSpring, PayPro or PLIMUS 24/7, using a payment card (Vizos, MasterCard, "Arneiga"), bank transfer or PayPal. You can find additional information on the Purchase page.