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Outlook importguiden indstillinger og importere tilstande

Tilstande i Outlook Import Wizard: Skal du opdatere eller Opret PST Filer når import til MS Outlook?

Denne artikel indeholder en beskrivelse af tilstande i Outlook Import Wizard til at importere meddelelser fra EML til PST til brug med MS Outlook, Hvordan Opret PST opbevaring filer, og hvorfor en mode eller andet kan vise sig for at være nødvendigt.

On the first page of the wizard in Outlook Import Wizard, the user is asked to choose a mode for converting messages from EML til PST for import to MS Outlook. Below is a short guide to the modes and examples of their usage.

;Use default Outlook storage”; mode: EML til PST addition of messages to your default PST file

Choosing “;Brug standard opbevaring Outlook; requires that you have Microsoft Office Outlook installed on your computer. If this is the case, Outlook Import Wizard will automatically search for a PST folder located in your Outlook storage, allowing you to import e-mails directly into the default PST file. MS Outlook is set to Opret PST (Fil med private mapper) files automatically when it is first launched in the PST folder (C:Dokumenter og indstillingerUserLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook on Windows XP). This mode is recommended for beginning users of MS Outlook and those who use a single PST file for all of their e-mails. If the default PST file is password-protected, then the password will need to be entered in a special dialog window that will appear after the import process is started. If the option “;Vælg profil til at importere e-mails; er aktiveret, the Outlook Import Wizard will additionally prompt you to select the importing profile. This function is helpful if Outlook configured with several User Profiles.

;Select orphaned PST file”; mode: a way to Update PST files stored elsewhere

;Select orphaned PST file”; mode is a way to Update PST files that already exist, adding new e-mails to them with an EML til PST konvertering. If this option is chosen, the program will request that you specify an already existing PST file (if you need to Opret PST filer, see below). This option is useful when there is more than one PST Outlook storage container that you use (for eksempel, a separate Personal Folders file for each user) or you need to add new messages by updating a PST arkiv. If the PST file chosen in the “;Browse”; window is password-protected, you will need to enter the password in the appropriate field on the first page of the wizard before beginning the conversion process.

;Create new PST file”;: a way to Opret PST files that are brand-new

Conversions from MSG and EML til PST can be performed by first taking a moment to Opret PST files for the task. The new PST files for Outlook storage can be created and saved in any place on any local disk or removable flash drive. Personal Folders files are universal message repositories, så PST arkiv filer med kopier af dine e-mails kan være praktisk til sikkerhedskopiering af dine data. Efter du Opret PST filer, Du kan bruge dem i MS Outlook eller vælge at Update PST filer ved hjælp af Outlook Import Wizard.