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How to view the EML file in Opera, [object DOMWindow]

[object DOMWindow], [object DOMWindow]. Internet explorer, Firefox, or Opera can read an EML file and show it as standard html.

[object DOMWindow], [object DOMWindow]?

Internet explorer, Firefox, or Opera browser can read an EML file by changing the extension to .MHT and then opening it. You can view the EML files in Opera, Firefox or IE browsers. Just change the extention of email file from EML to MHT and then open it under the Web Browser.

Import EML to Outlook

If you wish to import eml files to Outlook or convert emal files to PST format and view email messages in MS Outlook, you can use the Outlook-Import Wizard which was especially developed to help you with such tasks as copy the amount of eml files into Outlook. It preserving the structure of folders, so you will get the same picture of folders as stored on your hard drive. The eml importing software tool serves as eml2pst [object DOMWindow], madaling lumipat ng eml mga file sa Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook Import Wizard will help you in case if you wish to import the hudge amount of eml files into MS Outlook.

To move your EML files to Outlook you may use Outlook Import Wizard