Gudrākais, visefektīvāko risinājumu importēšana, Eksportēšana un atgūt visus Outlook pasta datus.

I am an IT professional and think your tool works great.

Bruce Speidel

I used it for a one-time event. I just bought a MAC (still being shipped). I have been using PC’;s for years. I have been an Incredimail user for many years. In order to migrate everything to “;iMail;, I had to get all of my Incredimail saved in a format compatible with Outlook 2007. This tool is called Incredimail Backup Pro v3.4. This program exports the Incredimail format to .eml format. I then used your tool to import all of the .eml files into Outlook2007. Now I have everything on Outlook2007 and I’;ve setup my accounts to read all of my mail from Outlook2007. I am an IT professional and think your UI looks and works great. I will tell you that my .eml files took 2 1/2 hours to import into Outlook2007. If that tells you how much mail I have…;