Det smarteste, mest effektive løsninger for import, Eksport og inddrive alle dine Outlook mail data.

Det fungerede bedre end forventet.


Jeg fandt Outlook Import Wizard fordi Microsoft faldt bolden når de fjernes Windows Mail fra Windows 7. De havde ikke bygge en konverter i det nye operativsystem, og glemte, at ikke alle skyndte sig for at købe den nyeste Microsoft Office eller Microsoft Outlook til at gå sammen med det nye operativsystem. Jeg har Office 2003, og denne version af Outlook ved ikke, hvordan til at importere eml filer. I ran the Upgrade Advisor and followed all precautions. It seems like this should have been flagged as “;Things to do before upgrading”; There were no helpful workarounds in the forums, other than to export files to Outlook format from Windows Mail. This would only be helpful advice before the upgrade, since Windows 7 removes Windows Mail during the installation. I was lucky to find your software while searching for a solution to my problem. I downloaded the demo and tried it on a few files. It worked better than I expected so I purchased the license and converted all of my email. I also appreciated the reasonable price.