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[object Window]. [object Window]. [object Window], so you can extract data also from external .PST files one by one. First you should find where Outlook stores the pst file of specific profile.

Where to find pst file location? How to find where Outlook .pst file is stored?

If you don’;t know where your Outlook data files are stored you may:

  1. Run Microsoft Outlook using the user record for the User which data should be extracted
  2. Right click to the storage name in the Outlook folders list (top of the folders tree)
  3. Click Advanced button
  4. Note or write down the full path and name of the .pst file (Filename field value) and use it as the source for data extraction

If you have more user profiles, you may done the same steps for them to fin each .pst file you have.

How to find all Outlook .PST at your hard drive?

The Windows OS is powered with the special search module which can help find all Outlook files stored at your computer. It is the perfect way to find any type of files even the Microsoft Outlook storage files (.PST) at your computer. Just click Start, then Search –; For files and folders…; ; All files and folders and use the filename *.pst to find all PST files.

How to find PST files already used by Outlook?

Click Windows menu Start –; Settings –; Control Panel then click Mail icon (control panel item), on the Delivery tab you will ind all PST files which currently connected to the Microsoft Outlook. Default Outlook pst file is marked to deliver incoming emails into it.

How to find .pst file storage of Microsoft Outlook? Where Microsoft Outlook stores .pst files?