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Can Recovery Wizard recover .pst password protected files?

The answer to this question is affirmative: yes, the Outlook Recovery Wizard incorporates a capability to recover corrupted password protected .pst files. The process of repairing password protected .pst files is absolutely no different from that of unprotected corrupted .pst files. In the same manner, a user will be asked to select a corrupted .pst file, specify the directory, where he would like to save it, and let the software process the file.

In other words, the Outlook Recovery Wizard does not need to know the password protecting a corrupted .pst file in order to be able to recover the file. Technically speaking, MS Outlook needs to know the password for a password protected .pst file only when opening the personal folders file. Being a .pst file repair utility, the Outlook Recovery Wizard, refers directly to the section where the .pst data is stored; this operation does not require entering the password.

The Outlook Recovery Wizard is not a .pst file password recovery tool and therefore is not capable of recovering a lost .pst file password. Instead, the program can remove the password protecting a .pst file. This operation is automatically applied to all personal folders files recreated by the Recovery Wizard. In other words, the password of the corrupted .pst file will not be saved in the new storage; it will allow creation of a new protective password when the .pst file repair process is complete, if the original was not strong enough.

Caution! The Outlook Recovery Wizard is designed and intended for retrieving data from corrupted .pst files and repairing .pst files. This software is not a .pst files password cracker, or a .pst files password recovery tool!

This article addresses the Outlook Recovery Wizard’s capability to recover password protected .pst files among other corrupted .pst files.