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Import eml files into outlook 2007

Outlook Import Wizard is easy-to use tool that can import eml files into Outlook 2007, migrate email to a different mail client software to MS Outlook. Outlook Import Wizard can process mail folders and eml files when they are disconnected from their mail client, including those stored on a CD, DVD or network neighborhood – Import eml outlook 2007 original time stamp. If you have Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 or any previous version and bunch of email files saved from any supported email client, then Outlook Import Wizard is perfect utility for you! The importing of eml and msg files becomes easy with Outlook Import Wizard, you can get the work done with ease. It would prove to be a perfect utility for transferring bulk of email files altogether. The Outlook Import Wizard requires the Outlook to be installed but there is no downside appears when you’re installing the Outlook Import tool.

To Import eml to Outlook 2007, 2003

and early version use the following instruction:

  1. Download the Outlook Import Wizard and install it
  2. Launch the installed Outlook Import Wizard utility
  3. Register the Outlook Import Wizard with the purchased key code or use it in demo mode
  4. Restart the importing tool to disable demo restrictions
  5. Choose the Destination Outlook folder or PST file at the first wizard page and press Next button
  6. Choose the Source folder where EML and MSG files are stored and press Next button
  7. Select or deselect messages to be imported
  8. Press Start button and wait for the end of importing

When the program finishes the importing to Outlook 2007 (or any other version) you can run the MS Outlook and inspect the result, organize imported emails etc. The Outlook Import Wizard creates the special folder for each importing session and place the subfolders structure ower it.