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Netscape to Outlook Email Import

Can your software import old Netscape 7.2 emails into Outlook 2010? It seems there was no easy way to do it. The only solution I could find was very laborious: 1) Convert my Netscape 7.2 messages into an older Netscape 4.8 format (This takes an older machine to execute). 2) Import into Outlook Express (also takes an older machine, but not as old as step #1. 3) Migrate onto Outlook 2000 (also on an older machine). 4) Export as *.PST files. 5) Import *.PST files into Outlook 2010 (on the new machine). So, the filenames need to go from: *.MSF –> *.SNM –> *.DBX –> *.PST –> Outlook 2010 This took all day long! (and 3 different machines, two of them old) I can see why your software is so valuable. Can you software help with any of these steps? (I have more emails to convert).

Outlook Import Wizard designed to import email files previously saved from other email clients into .eml, .msg, or .emls format. It is not working directly with third party mail applications. So if you can export or just save emails from Netscape to supported formats, then it will do the job.

Brief instruction on how to import emails from Netscape to Microsoft Outlook. The first stage is – extract emails from the Netscape mailbox files and save them.

The Netscape to Outlook import process is near the same as for Thunderbird: Read how to Import emails from Thunderbird to Outlook.

Where Netscape stores emails?

Each Netscape email folder (Inbox, Sent, etc.) is recorded to the hard drive as couple of files – one of them have no extension at all (example: INBOX), which is the email storage file in “mbox” format, and one with an .MSF extension (example: INBOX.MSF), which is the index (Mail Summary File) to the email file. You may use our free MBOX to EML Converter to extract emails from the file with no extension (from the mailbox file). Then you may use the Outlook Import Wizard to import all .EML files into Outlook or PST file.

  1. Please download the Outlook Import Wizard and install it.
  2. Open the Outlook Import Wizard program group (Start – Outlook Import Wizard; or Start – All Programs – Outlook Import Wizard)
  3. Run the Free MBOX to EML Converter (it is included to the Outlook Import Wizard setup)
  4. Add your mailbox files to the program list and extract them
  5. Run Outlook Import Wizard and point it to the main older which contains sub-folders with extracted emails and continue with email import. Read more about import eml to outlook.

Response: I purchased your Outlook Import Wizard, and it did exactly what you said it would. That was faster than figuring out all the steps I did below (with Microsoft presenting obstacles at every stage).