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How to import individual messages from Thunderbird to Outlook

I used Thunderbird for a few days and now I wish to switch to the Outlook. I exported the individual messages that I needed from Thunderbird into eml files. Now, how do I import those into Outlook using the Outlook Import Wizard?

I used the article on how to export emails from Thunderbird to eml files and saved all my Thunderbird e-mails from .mbox to eml files using you free MBOX to EML converter.

To put the bunch of eml files into Outlook folder please do the following:

E-mails will be placed to the one folder while importing

  1. Run the Outlook Import Wizard utility
  2. Select the folder as source location of eml files exported from Thunderbird
  3. Select emails which should be imported or press Next button to import all emails
  4. Choose and apply the options preset to import Thunderbird emails and press Next button
  5. Select the destination as Outlook default storage or standalone PST file
  6. Run the importing procedure

Please note – you should select the compatible RFC format prior to export eml files from Thunderbird.

To put the tree of folders and emails to Outlook please do the following;

Youu should create the directory structure at your hard drive

Create the corresponding directory structure (folders tree) on your hard drive and place the files according to the structure (organize them). Process the steps described abow to import whole tree of folders to Outlook and place eml files to the appropriate folders. Outlook Import Wizard will create the folders and subfolders structure for eml files and place the emails in accordance with structure.

Outlook Import Wizard is a tool which was designed to transfer eml files into PST Outlook storage preserving the folders structure. The eml importing software tool working as eml2outlook converter, easily transfers eml files into Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook Import Wizard will help you in case if you wish to import individual messages from Thunderbird or The Bat to Outlook.

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