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Outlook Import Wizard save time and effort importing e-mails into MS Outlook today announces Outlook Import Wizard, an application that allows importing saved .EML and .MSG e-mail files of supported e-mail clients into Microsoft Outlook with remarkable ease.

Importing Emails With Remarkable Ease

An e-mail client is usually used as storage of essential information, including e-mails from friends, relatives, clients and business partners, important files and documents. Losing or screwing it up would be at least extremely unpleasant, that’s why a user needs to be very careful and attentive when importing messages into Microsoft Outlook. But even that can’t ensure the best result; fortunately, there is a program that can – and it’s Outlook Import Wizard.

Migrating From Old E-mail Client for Microsoft Outlook

A smart tool, the program is designed to import .EML and .MSG files into MS Outlook quickly and easily, therefore it gets very simple to leave an old e-mail client for Microsoft Outlook. The program can benefit data recovery tools users, as it allows to import messages recovered into MS Outlook, which can be quite tricky without Outlook Import Wizard. The reliable algorithm employed by the application makes data loss during import impossible. And what’s more, the app takes care of the user’s security: it doesn’t interfere with antivirus scanning, which means that the messages can be scanned for viruses and the system remains protected.

Import The Structure of File System Folders

Outlook Import Wizard works as eml2pst and msg2pst converter featuring built-in module for primary integrity check. It allows importing not only messages, but also attached files. And on top of it all, Outlook Import Wizard allows preserving the structure of the file system folders while importing e-mails: after creating the folder structure on the hard drive, user selects the upper level folder, and the program imports the whole folder structure into MS Outlook.

Convert eml to pst, import emails into Outlook and much more with Outlook Import Wizard.