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Can I create an incremental Outlook mail archive of messages using Outlook Import Wizard?

Learn how this EML to PST converter can be used for creating incremental backup archives. Import EML files that were created in a specific period of time, don’t process the entire archive over and over again.

Use Outlook Import Wizard to create efficient incremental backup archives.

Not only is Outlook Import Wizard a powerful EST to PST converter and a PST migration tool for different kinds of message files, but also a kind of incremental backup solution. The concept is fairly simple – you can specify a period of time that will make the program ignore messages outside of it. Simply put, you can make the program import messages created in the past day, week or month and leave all other messages as they are. This feature will come in handy when dealing with truly large and rapidly growing arrays of message files that you’d like to gradually add to a single PST file. In this case, the Outlook mail file with grow in small increments defined by the time period you specify. The feature can be used in situations where you are forced to use several email clients on different formats, but still prefer keeping your mail in Outlook. Therefore, the EML to PST (or any other supported format to PST) conversion becomes a method of synchronization here.

Transfer EML to PST in efficiently-sized packages saving time and resources.

As with all Outlook Import Features, using the date filter to import EML files created in a specific period is truly a snap. Start the program, select the destination for the imported files (either the default Outlook storage, an orphaned PST file or a new PST file), specify a password, if necessary, and proceed to the second step of the EML to PST converter. Here you must specify the source folder containing the message files to be imported and configure the files filter. If you also want to use the date filter described above, click the Options button to bring up the options window and select the date range you want this Outlook mail transfer session to include. Once done, Outlook Import Wizard will only process email messages falling within the specified range and add them to the previously selected destination storage.

As you see, Outlook Import Wizard can be efficiently used for continuous creation of a consolidated email archive from various sources.