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I need to export email attachments only. Will Outlook Export Wizard help?

Learn how you can easily extract email attachments from Outlook PST files and save them to any location on your hard drive for archiving, sharing or file analysis.  Outlook Export Wizard makes it a matter of minutes and just a few mouse clicks!

A simple tool for quick extraction of email attachments from PST files

Some Outlook users receive a lot more emails with attachments than others. These attachments may contain pretty much everything: from daily reports from employees or weekly articles submitted by writers to an editor to statistical data accumulated by an automated probe/sensor and sent to a researcher by email. These emails may be coming to their inboxes for years until it becomes obvious that these data need to be extracted, systemized, categorized, archived or processed in this or that way. Apparently, it’s virtually impossible to go through hundreds or even thousands of email messages and save the necessary email attachments to a separate folder – in most cases, it would take days or weeks and would hardly be something you’d be glad to do. That’s exactly the situation when Outlook Export Wizard will come in handy and will save a good deal of time and, obviously, some money, too. The program allows you to take a PST file and only extract attachments from the messages it contains to a specified location – and this process will literally take a couple of minutes!

Outlook Export Wizard is also a powerful and easy to use attachment extractor!

Exporting PST attachments is just as easy as exporting everything else from you storage file. First, start the program and select the “Select External PST File” option to be able to pick a file to work with. Once done with the file selection, use the “Output Format” dropdown list to select the “Export attachments only” option. If you are working with a password-protected PST file, enter the password into the corresponding field. Finally, specify the destination folder the extracted PST attachments will be saved to by entering a path into the Target Folder field. If necessary, you can click the Options button below to specify additional parameters, such as the maximum message size, the folder structure in the specified destination location and the preservation of file creation date for saved items.

After that, click the Next button and start exporting data the same way you do when working with emails. In this case, however, the bodies of email messages will be ignored completely. Wait for the process to finish and open the specified output folder to view the extracted files. As you see, Outlook Export Wizard is a truly intuitive and efficient attachment extractor that will process the results of years of your work and export them into the same format to a folder of your choice. If the program finds another file with the same extension, it will simply rename the existing file by adding a number to its name. Being able to extract attachments will save countless hours of work if you ever decide to create an archive of all or some of your PST attachments, since it will be incomparably easier to pick the necessary files from a folder with your attachment files listed in a chronological order.

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Outlook Export Wizard is a multi-functional attachment extractor and PST data export application that will be a perfect tool for the job when you need to extract email attachments from your PST storage file.