El més intel ligent, solucions més eficaces per a la importació, Exportació i recuperar totes les dades de correu d'Outlook.

El seu programari salvat el dia per a mi!

L. Peterson

Jo volia portar el seu temps per dir-li quant Assistent per a importació d'Outlook va salvar el dia per a mi! Tenia el mateix ordinador durant anys i tenia el meu outlook tots els correus electrònics guardats en aquell ordinador. Pou, Finalment va arribar el dia on l'ordinador només necessitava ser reemplaçat (era el meu ordinador vell 10 anys d'edat!). I didn’t want to lose all my emails that I had stored over the years and had no idea where to start even trying to get them to be on my new computer. Ningú ho sabia o anomenat va ser capaç de respondre a la pregunta per a mi perquè vaig començar a buscar en línia per a una solució. That’s when I came across Assistent per a importació d'Outlook.

I purchased the product and was unsure of how it was going to work. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the program was to use and thought it was a great value for the money. To make a long story short, I ended up backing up my emails onto an external hard drive and using the Assistent per a importació d'Outlook to bring them over to my new computer. The entire process was seamless and painless, I am truly grateful that someone created such a wonderful product that can help people in my situation. If I had the issue of bringing over emails, I know others must have the same problem as well!

The other tools on the site look just as good, and I actually have gone ahead and purchased the Outlook Recovery Wizard as well. I have had several instances where my .pst and .ost files become corrupt and damaged and I lose access to my email. I run an online business and having timely email is of the utmost importance to me. These two tools have greatly helped to ensure my peace of mind as well as my productivity.