Người thông minh nhất, Các giải pháp hiệu quả nhất cho nhập khẩu, Xuất khẩu và phục hồi tất cả các dữ liệu Outlook mail.

Repair Outlook PST OST with Outlook Recovery Wizard

Repair Outlook PST OST with Outlook Recovery Wizard

Repair Outlook PST and OST files with a highly efficient and fast Outlook recovery công cụ. Outlook Recovery Wizard will help you restore emails, nhiệm vụ, mục lịch, ghi chú, contacts and other objects from damaged Outlook PST/OST tập tin. No prior experience of data recovery or special skills required!

Outlook Recovery Wizard

Outlook Recovery Wizard is another one of the high-powered offerings from Công cụ này đặc biệt là một trong những phổ biến nhất, đánh giá cao về hiệu quả của nó, speed and accuracy.

You will now be able to repair Outlook email, nhiệm vụ, mục lịch, ghi chú, contact and other objects from damaged PST &; OST Outlook files.

Sporting a simple wizard-based interface that empowers anyone to restore corrupted Outlook data files in mere minutes! Điều này làm giảm thời gian chết và loại bỏ sự cần thiết cho các dịch vụ phục hồi dữ liệu bên ngoài tốn kém. This program is easy to use for the novice and pro alike.

Tải vềfor Windows 32/64 bitMua hànglicense code online

The user interface for this tool is incredibly easy to maneuver –; point, adjust your recovery parameters and let Outlook Recovery Wizard work its magic!

In a nutshell, the program does the following:

  • Accepts an input PST and OST file and attempts to find any recoverable data
  • Using several advanced Outlook recovery algorithms it ensure that the PST or OST file has been analyzed thoroughly to isolate the damaged data structures
  • It then repairs the PST file structure and saves it to a PST file of the user’;s choice –; EML files, old Outlook or new Outlook 2003 PST format


  • The multifaceted thoroughness of the Outlook Recovery Wizards ensures 100% recovery accuracy and efficiency
  • The program requires no formal training or knowledge of Outlook data recovery basics or general recovery experience –; it is simple, straightforward and self-explanatory
  • Capacity to support files in excess of 4GB, recovers encrypted data and can multitask as a PST viewer
  • Removes passwords from recovered PST files for easy manipulation
  • When processing the file to be recovered, it doesn’;t damage or destabilize the original file and saves the recovered item in a new file altogether to maintain integrity
  • Multi-platform compatibility –; works with PST files created in Microsoft Outlook 97 to 2010 as well as OST files used in Microsoft Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2003 &; 2003

You will enjoy the diversity and usefulness of the Outlook Recovery Tool –; especially if you’;ve never had to endure the frustration of dealing with a corrupted PST or OST file. From a precautionary standpoint, having this tool gives you an extra sense of authority and security that should you face file corruption, you’;re data is not lost and the process to recover it is quick and easy. Your PST files house personal, sensitive information that you won’;t want to risk falling in the hands of a second or third party who may not be appreciative of their contents. You will now have to power to conduct your own Outlook repair program, guaranteeing you privacy while saving you bundles of money that could be otherwise more productively utilized.

Repair Outlook OST and PST after damageTry the Outlook Recovery Wizard program today ; we’;re certain you won’;t ever want to part with it!

Important notice: The Demo version of Outlook Repair tool shows message content and other items briefly before concealing them with a pane. This however will be more than enough for you to deduce what information is potentially recoverable. The Demo version is also limited to a certain number of recoverable items per folder so you will be able to save the PST file, open with Outlook and re-assess how it was saved.