En zeki, Alma için en etkili çözümler, Dışa aktarma ve tüm Outlook posta verilerinizi kurtarma.

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Outlook Import Wizard ; eml Hedef pst, eml Hedef outlook dönüştürücü, import and transfer eml messages to Microsoft Outlook from other email clients. Outlook Export Wizard ; pst Hedef eml extractor, outlook export utility, save Outlook content to separate files, backup Outlook öğeleri. Outlook Recovery Wizard ; fast PST recovery tool for damaged OST. PST file repair and OST Hedef PST dönüşüm.

Our software can be purchased on-line and worldwide through the largest distributors in Latin America, Kanada, United States and so on. Şunları yapabilirsiniz check the list of our authorized resellers.

Size kolaylık sağlamak için: multilanguage ordering pages and more than 60 currencies are available. Outlook Alma software can be purchased online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express) Banka havalesi, Phone, Faks, Posta, Onay, Havale, Local bank transfer or Pay Pal by clicking on the link at the table below for your software needs.

Outlook Import Wizard product

Outlook Import Wizard

Alma EML, MSG, EMLX files into MS Outlook PST and keep the folders structure intact. Convert EML, MSG, EMLX e-mails to the files of PST, EML, MSG, RTF, HTML, MHT, TXT formats. Setup including the free MBOX Hedef EML converter –; special mailbox extractor.
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Outlook Export Wizard product

Outlook Export Wizard

Dışa aktarma Outlook e-posta, kişiler, Takvim, notes and other Outlook items and save them as separate files of different format. Backup Outlook Gelen kutusu, Sent Items, Drafts, Outbox, Deleted Items etc. Built-in format auto-detector allows to save items to the format which correspond to item type.
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Outlook Recovery Wizard product

Outlook Recovery Wizard

Recover e-mails, kişiler, Takvim, notes and other items from damaged .PST ve .OST files and save them as new, healthy PST. Repair Outlook Gelen kutusu, Sent Items, Drafts, Outbox, Deleted Items etc. Outlook Recovery Wizard can be used to convert OST dosyaları için PST format and recover deleted e-mails.
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Satın içerir

Otomatik olarak e-posta ile gönderilen kayıt kodunu, Outlook Import software updates for the term purchased, e-posta ve belgeler vadede satın yoluyla öncelik teknik destek. Lisans bilgisayar başına bir yükleme içerir. Optional: Extended Download Warranty, License Recovery and Backup CD (Shipped via US-Mail to anywhere in the world.).


Lütfen download our software and try it for free, it distributed as try-before-buy and requires the evaluation. You are encouraged to download and try out the limited trial version prior to order the license. Our software is distributed under two basic license types. Both licenses allow the customer to install and use the software for a limited terms (1, 2 or 3 years) except Unlimited license type (if available) which can be used indefinitely.

  • Home License

    Bu lisans Sadece ev kullanımı için and non-profit purposes, allows to activate and use the program on a limited amount of CPUs belonging to the license owner. Licensed software should not be accessed by other users locally or over a network. Home license can be used individually by the license owners inside their home location. Commercial use of the home license is prohibited.

  • Enterprise lisans

    Bu lisans fveya kurumsal kullanım ve tek bir kurumsal yerde yazılım erişim sağlar. Bu lisansı gerektiren bir lisans satın alma her biri için staff member or client computer, makine başına lisanslı yazılımın ticari kullanımı sağlar (koltuk). Enterprise License is for those who using the software in their company or to serve their clients.

  • Site lisansı

    Bu lisans kurumsal kullanım için ve sahip olduğu veya kuruluşunuza en çok için tek bir yerinde kiralanan bilgisayarlarda yazılım kullanmanıza olanak verir 100 staff members per license, hem de ikincil bilgisayarlarda sadece böyle personeli tarafından ofis işleri için kullanılır. (Örneğin. seyahat laptop ve ev bilgisayarı). Sahip olduğu veya müşterilerinize veya diğer kullanıcılara kiralanan bilgisayarlara yükleme kapsamaz. Bu lisans not transferable to another Organization, ve müşteriler veya kendi lisansınız olmasa diğer kullanıcılar için bir hizmet olarak yazılım kullanmak izin vermiyor.

How the Software will be delivered?

As soon as your order is successfully processed by registrar, you will be emailed a unique key number for our software with the step-by-step registration instruction. By following the registration instruction, your key code will immediately unlock the limited version and turn it into the full functional version. In most cases the key code is immediately available at the last ordering page. You may also want to read our frequently asked questions page for additional information about products registration and delivery.

Why the registration is not arrived?

You or your Internet Service Provider may be blocking our email using a spam filter. Try to find the registration at Junk or Spam email folder, then request the order to be resend at our support. Don’;t forget to enable our email to be trusted for your firewall. Please provide us with the alternative email which can be used to contact you additionally (not the same domain as blocked please).

Update and Support subscription

This service offers you free updates, priority technical support and resends of the software and license keys for the duration specified during your purchase. The software will not cease to function as demo after your Update and Support subscription period has expired, only the ability to obtain updates, priority-support and redelivery of key code of the software order.

Extended Download Warranty / Backup CD

Download links remain live for 48 hours. By purchasing this service you have access to your download for 1 or 2 years. The hard CD copy of our software can be delivered additionally, both options are distributed by our authorized resellers.

Key-Code Recovery Option

Purchased Outlook Import license delivered via email for registered users. But the registration code may be lost in case of hard drive crash or other computer malfunctions. Bu nedenle, we offer our customers to purchase the additional option: Key-Code Recovery Service. We will keep your license key at our side and you will be able to recover it. Just contact our technical support and the key-code will be sent to you again.

What is your Return Policy?

All of our products are shipped electronically over the internet to your email address, this makes the return of electronic information impossible and once you have received the paid version it is not possible to verify that you will not use it. For this reason, our software products are non-returnable. You are encouraged to download and evaluate the trial versions prior to purchasing product. Please note that by purchasing the software without tryout you confirm that software is meets your needs and requirements.