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MS Outlook doesn’t support saving e-mails in alternative formats. Can I use Outlook Export Wizard to convert MS Outlook messages, for instance, from MSG to EML?

This article explains how to use Outlook Export Wizard in place of the standard MS Outlook functionality for saving e-mails in alternative formats, allowing you to convert messages from MSG to EML (PST to EML)

Why doesn’;t MS Outlook support extracting messages from MSG to EML (PST to EML)?

This question is often asked by users of MS Outlook, since the mail client’;s built-in features allow the export from PST of e-mails only in the .txt, .html, .mht and proprietary .msg formats. This problem is especially acute when attempting to transfer emails to another mail client (Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Belgili tanımlık kriket sopası) since .eml is a universal format which is convenient for handling individual e-mail messages and supported by most mail programs. The most effective solution is to use an e-posta çıkarıcı program which combines the functionality of a mail grabber and MSG converter. Outlook Export Wizard is precisely such a program, able to convert MSG to EML (extract PST) and other formats automatically when extracting e-mails from Outlook Personal Folders files.

An example of how to use Outlook Export Wizard to extract and convert messages from MSG to EML

Ease of use is a definite advantage of Outlook Verme Sihirbazı. To save messages to disk after a MSG to EML (PST to EML) dönüşüm, launch the program and specify the basic settings: the source .pst file (if necessary indicating the file path and password) and the directory for the files to be extracted to. For the program during export to convert MSG to EML (PST to EML), set “;Çıktı biçimi; to “;EML –; Outlook Express (RFC822); modu. Outlook Verme Sihirbazı will analyze the structure of the PST file, after which you can begin the export process. The result: the PST file’;s structure will be recreated in the specified directory as Windows folders containing the Outlook data that you chose to export from PST ; e-posta, contacts and notes (everything with an .eml file extension).

Böylece, the answer to the question in the title is affirmative: yes, using Outlook Export Wizard you can convert messages from MSG to EML (PST to EML) or any other format supported by the e-posta çıkarıcı.

How to export Outlook PST items to Microsoft Word *.RTF files?

How to export emails and other Outlook items to files of RTF format?

  1. Çalıştırmak Outlook Verme Sihirbazı yardımcı programı
    * –; Öğeleri üzerinden vermek istiyorsanız Varsayılan Outlook profili, adımları atlayabilirsiniz #2 ve #3
  2. Choose the option “;Dış PST dosyasını seçin;
  3. Press the first “;Gözat; düğmesini ve kaynağı seçin PST dosya
  4. Press the second “;Gözat; düğme ve dışa aktarılan dosyaların kaydedilmesini istediğiniz klasörü seçin
  5. Seçeneği devre dışı bırakma ;Özel; (işaretini kaldırın)
  6. Choose the “;RTF…;; format in the “;Çıktı biçimi; kutusu { read more about RTF format }
    * –; You can press “;Seçenekler; düğme ve istediğiniz gibi dışa aktarma seçeneklerini yapılandırma
  7. Press “;Sonraki; düğme
  8. Program kaynak depolama yapısını inceden inceye gözden geçirmek ve klasörleri Önizlemeyi göster
  9. Press “;Başlat; düğme

Dışa aktarma yürütülür. The Outlook Export Wizard may prompt you to select the Outlook PST folder or the source Outlook Profile depending on options selected. Şimdi point belirtilen hedef klasöre gidin #3 dışa aktarılan kullanmak için RTF files.