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How do I import MS Outlook PST files from my hard drive to outlook?

Many of our users have asked questions which are not related to our program directly. But we strive to help our users in that case also. Below are the answer to one of the such common question. Can outlook import pst? How to open the PST file in Microsoft Outlook? To open the file of PST format in Microsoft Outlook you should do the following steps:

For Outlook 2003, XP

  1. Click to the Outlook main menu item Dosya, o zaman
  2. Click to the Açık seçeneği
  3. Seçin Outlook Data File…; Madde
  4. Browse to your PST file and select it
  5. Basın Tamam button to open the PST file
  6. Enter the correct password if Outlook will prompt it
    (Outlook can prompt you to enter password twice)

For Outlook 2000, 2002

  1. Click to the Dosya item in the Outlook menu
  2. Seçin Açık menü öğesi
  3. Click the Personal Folders File (PST) Madde
  4. Select the PST file to open
  5. Basın Tamam button to confirm that
  6. Enter the correct password if Outlook will ask it

For earlier versions of Outlook, such as 97

  1. Click to the Dosya item of Outlook main menu
  2. Choose the option named Açık
  3. Click the Open Special Folder menü öğesi
  4. Browse to your PST file and select it
  5. Basın Tamam button to confirm opening
  6. Enter the correct password if the PST file is password protected

Additionally you can set the new PST file to Outlook to use as default. To make PST file default in Microsoft Outlook, please do the following:

  1. Basın Başlat düğme
  2. Select Ayarlar Madde
  3. Then chose the Control Panel shortcut
  4. Select Posta shortcut or icon and double click on it
  5. Use the Data Files…; düğme (or delivery tab) to change settings for the files Outlook uses to store e-mail messages and documents
  6. Add the corresponding PST file to the list of Data Files and click Close
  7. Push the Email Accounts button and select the second file as a storage to deliver email to this PST, confirm the service folders moving if necessary.
  8. Restart the Outlook and start using the new opened PST as default

Now you can use the PST file items and folders, organize them and manipulate as usual. If you wish to import the high amount of EML files into MS Outlook, pst eml dönüştürmek, import msg file to the outlook, put the folder structure of your hard drive to the Outlook, sen-ebilmek kullanma Outlook Alma Sihirbazı.

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Article describes how to open the PST file in MS Outlook, how to import PST file to Outlook which is the part of Microsoft Office package