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Anong tipong Outlook data ay ang Outlook Recovery Wizard utility mabawi?

This article talks about the types of Outlook data Recovery Wizard can recover. Attention is focused on the fact that Recovery Wizard restores mail as well as other pst-data mga contact, tala, kalendaryo entries.

As you know, in addition to mail, other pst data — contacts, tala, tasks — is stored in a personal folder file. Of course, emails are the most valuable part of pst data, so most users use pst recovery software specifically to restore mail. The reason is that the loss of the rest of the information is not so critical; if it’;s necessary to recover emails, recover contacts o tala, sa contrast to e-mails, this can be done from memory. Ngunit ang mga developer ng Outlook Recovery Wizard ay naniniwala na pst recovery software ay dapat na maginhawa at functional, kasing-dali ng posible na gamitin, at wala ang matinding proseso ng pst tatag. kaya, Outlook Recovery Wizard ay nagpapahintulot sa gumagamit upang awtomatikong mabawi ang kanilang mga email at mga kaugnay na impormasyon na naka-imbak sa isang PST file.

Sa Outlook Recovery Wizard, Outlook data pagbawi Kabilang dito:

  • recovering emails at ang istraktura ng folder mail;
  • recovering kalendaryo entries;
  • recovering mga contact;
  • recovering tala;
  • recovering gawain;

The technology of reconstructing pst files in the Recovery Wizard makes use of several recovery algorithms. This allows the program to not only recover Outlook data, but to restore the maximum possible amount of this data and its properties. Halimbawa, restoring mail includes not only the preservation of electronic messages (at mga attachment) in the new pst, but also the restoration of their properties — subject, upang, mula, cc, date, etc — and the result of restoring pst data is a new personal folders file. Outlook Recovery Wizard supports data recovery for Outlook versions 97-2007, pati na rin ang Microsoft Exchange (ost file) versions 5.0, 5.5, 2000 and 2003.

babala! Bago ka magsimula Outlook data pagbawi, gumawa ng isang backup na kopya ng pst o ost file.