Ang smartest, pinaka-epektibong mga solusyon para sa pag-Import, Pag-export at Pagbawi sa lahat ng iyong Outlook mail data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read FAQ articles below. There you can find there answers on common asked questions about I-Import, I-Export at Pagbawi routines.

Questions about products registration and delivery

Our software licenses are delivered electronically via e-mail but in most cases the license available at last ordering page. Backup CD is delivered as a standard postage.

Q. I ordered a license but have not received it yet and I’;m still waiting for the download link.

  • A. Please check your spam filter and junk e-mail folder. Our registration letter has been probably filtered by you or your Internet Service Provider. Please request the new one license and download link to be mailed to you by our support.

Q. I have not yet received my CD

  • A. The backup CD option is distributed by our sales partner. Please contact to Plimus company directly if you have a question about CD delivery. Tandaan: The physical delivery of CD can borrow up to 4 weeks.

Q. My license period for Outlook Import Wizard is expiring. Are there any discounts available for when I extend it?

Outlook-Import Wizard

E-mail import utility, used to convert amount of email files into Outlook items. The software functions are checked by quality assurance, but in some cases we can expect technical issues which are described below.

Q. I have just converted 244Mb of .eml files to a single large .pst (454Mb). [object DOMWindow] ([object DOMWindow]). [object DOMWindow], [object DOMWindow], [object DOMWindow]. [object DOMWindow]. [object DOMWindow]? [object DOMWindow]?

  • A. [object DOMWindow] ([object DOMWindow]) [object DOMWindow]. [object DOMWindow]: [object DOMWindow], [object DOMWindow].

Q. [object DOMWindow] : [object DOMWindow].

  • A. [object DOMWindow]. Outlook installation is required for our software. If you just installed the Outlook, please run it for one time to initialize the user profile. Bukod pa rito, [object DOMWindow] download the latest version of our software and reinstall it. If this problem persists, please reinstall the Outlook and Outlook Import Wizard to refresh all components linking.
  • A. Log on to the system as administrator. Use the file-manager (such as Windows Explorer) to browse to directory where Outlook Import Wizard was installed (sample: D:Program FilesOutlook Import Wizard). Run the file named as “;correct_error.bat”; It should display the message about the component registration with DllRegisterServer. Press the OK button to close this message. The program should work now correctly.
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Q. [object DOMWindow].

  • A. [object DOMWindow]. [object DOMWindow]. [object DOMWindow]. [object DOMWindow].

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Outlook-Export Wizard

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[object DOMWindow] [object DOMWindow]. Q. [object DOMWindow] [object DOMWindow] [object DOMWindow]. [object DOMWindow]? [object DOMWindow]? Q. [object DOMWindow], [object DOMWindow]?