Ya werevu, suluhisho bora zaidi kwa ajili ya Importing, Kuhamisha na Inafufua data yako ya barua ya Outlook.

Jinsi ya kutumia Outlook Import Wizard kubadili mteja wako wa barua pepe katika MS Outlook.

How do I create the copy of the directories of my Hard Drive in MS Outlook? I have a lot of archived EML messages from Outlook Express, how to convert them to Outlook? How to move my EML and MSG files to MS Outlook preserving the folders structure? I have mail in eml format and I wish to read it in pst format. How to kuagiza EML files kwa Outlook while retaining folder structure.

I have a bunch of MSG files stored on my hard drive, how to put them back into MS Outlook?
How to leave the old e-mail cient for Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook Import Wizard is a tool which is developed to import individual EML na msg files into MS Outlook preserving the structure of directories stored on a hard drive or another media. Ya eml importing software working as EML na pst converter, easily transfers eml files into Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook Import Wizard will help you in case if you wish to change your email client from Outlook Express to MS Outlook.

Create the EML files backup from Outlook Express

Choose or create the directory on your hard drive to store backup of Outlook Express email files (EML), create the copy of Outlook Express folders structure, save Outlook Express messages backup.

To create a backup folder you can do the following:

  1. Run the Windows Explorer
  2. Choose the drive which you want to use (drive letter C: for our sample)
  3. Right-click any empty area on the opened drive
  4. Click New, and then click Folder
  5. Type OEBackup (kwa ajili ya sampuli) for the folder name, and then press ENTER

Create the copy of Outlook Express folders structure:

  1. Start Outlook Express
  2. Expand the structure of subfolders
  3. Create the same folders and subfolders on your harddrive (under OEBackup folder) as in Outlook Express tree

Create the copy of e-mails on your hard drive:

  1. Open the Outlook Express window
  2. Select the first folder which containing e-mail messages (Kikasha pokezi kwa sampuli)
  3. Select all messages (you can do it by pressing Ctrl+A combination)
  4. Using the mouse (left button) drag selection to the Windows Explorer, and point the mouse cursor to the copy of the OE folder (Inbox directory for sample) then release the mouse button. It will copy selected Outlook Express messages as EML files to the selected directory.
  5. Repeat those steps for each Outlook Express folder which you wish to backup.

Import the backup directory and saved EML messages to Outlook

You can make the backup of Outlook Express messages from time to time, then you can select the backup directory for Outlook Import Wizard to import backup structure of messages and folders into MS Outlook.

  1. Kuendesha na Outlook Import Wizard
  2. Choose the Kabrasha chanzo (OEBackup kwa ajili ya sampuli)
  3. Press Ijayo Kitufe
  4. Choose email files to be imported or change nothing and press Next
  5. Configure options and filters for Outlook importing procedure
  6. Select the Destination Outlook folder or PST file
  7. Press Kuanza button and wait for the end of importing

Outlook Import Wizard serves as EML na pst converter kwa convert eml to outlook, kubadilisha eml na pst and to import eml to oulook na EML na pst. You can find the illustrated instruction at the special How to use instruction page. Ya Outlook Import Wizard is intended to make EML and MSG to Outlook import quick and easy. This sample describes the importing of archived messages from Outlook Express, but the operation is the same for most e-mail client software. The Outlook Import Wizard can be used to import EML files recovered by third party software.