Najpametniji, najefikasniji rešenja za uvoz, Izvoz i Reparacija za Outlook pošta podaci.

Da li Outlook Recovery Wizard omogućavaju da spasite izbrisanu e-mailove?

This article focuses on the fact that Outlook Recovery Wizard is not just a pst file repair tool, but can also recover deleted emails and other mistakenly deleted pst file data (kontakti, белешке, stavke kalendara).

Indeed, Outlook Recovery Wizard is a universal za popravljanje pst. With one program you can perform two operations: repairing damaged pst and ost files, kao undeleting emails which have been mistakenly erased.

How can Outlook Recovery Wizard recover deleted emails?

Po podrazumevanoj vrednosti, na deleted MS Outlook object, whether it be an email or other pst data element (kontakti, белешке, calendar entry) is moved to the Izbrisanih stavki Fascikla, which is located in the same file. Na Izbrisanih stavki folder serves, by analogy with Microsoft Windows, the function of the Recycle Bin; when you delete messages, Outlook does not remove them physically, but only marks the area of the file as unused. Using Outlook Recovery Wizard, you have the opportunity to recover deleted emails, which have been mistakenly cleared from the Deleted Items folder. You can only undelete emails with Outlook Recovery Wizard in those cases where the pst file hasn’;t been compacted.

What is a compact pst file?

With extended use of a personal folder file, na size of the pst file may not correspond with the volume of data that it actually contains. This can be explained by the large amount of space reserved for deleted pst data. The function of compacting a pst file is used to clear such areas from the personal folder file. Compacting a pst file makes it possible to reduce the pst file size, и shrinking the pst, in turn, will free up space on your hard drive. Nakon compacting the pst file, there is no possibility of undeleting emails and other data.

Da recover deleted emails in Outlook Recovery Wizard you can process completely undamaged personal folder files from Outlook versions 97-2007. Upon completion of processing, all found and undeleted emails (kontakti, белешке, stavke kalendara, i sl.) will again be placed in the Deleted Items folder.