Nejchytřejší, najúčinnejšie riešenie pre import, Export a obnovenie všetky vaše údaje programu Outlook mail.

Outlook export, Outlook backup

Exporting Outlook Email Contact Task Procedure Description. Learn how to extract data from Outlook profile or PST file using Outlook Export Wizard utility. The tool exports Outlook data to multiple EML, MSG, VCF súbory.

Outlook Návod dovoz tohto softvéru

  • Outlook Import ; Krok za krokom popis eml Ak chcete outlook Import konania alebo, ako sa pohybovať eml a msg súbory do MS Outlook.
  • Outlook Export ; Popis Outlook postupu extrakcie dát, ako exportovať Outlook kontakty, e-mailov, Kalendár, poznámky, prílohy a iných položiek.
  • Outlook Obnovenie ; Ako opraviť poškodené OST alebo PST súbor, previesť OST Ak chcete PST formát.

Outlook Export

Outlook Export Wizard can help you to Zálohovanie Outlook e-mailov, kontakty, poznámky, calendar and other items to individual files of the available format. S Outlook email extractor you may export emails Ak chcete TXT, EML, MSG, HTML formáty. It is easy to backup email data and use it in another email clients.

  1. Na stiahnutie Outlook Export Wizard and install it.
  2. Define the source which you want to use for exporting Outlook údajov. The Default Outlook Profile is selected by default, it allows to export the Outlook data of the current user profile. As alternative, you may select the option “;Use External PST Súbor; and specify the full path and PST file name. You may click the browse button and choose the file location and PST name using standard open dialog.
  3. Specify the target folder. Outlook Export Wizard will use that value to create exported subfolders and save extracted emails and other Outlook údajov. There is also the browse button for your convenience.
  4. Next you may set the format for all exported items or customize the format for each data type individually. If the custom option is not selected all data will be exported to files of the format which is defined in the drop box. By default it is Outlook .MSG formát. TopHow to export and backup outlook data
  5. Stlačte tlačidlo Ďalší button to go to the next step. TopHow to export and backup outlook data
  6. There you may fine tune the Outlook Export. First option allows you to enable or disable the subfolders creation. If the option is OFF, exported files will be saved to the output folder without subfolders creation (all in one directory). Okrem, if the custom output format option has been turned ON, you may specify the output data format for each Outlook data type. Initially it is configured by default values.
  7. Stlačte tlačidlo Ďalší button to start export of the Outlook údajov. Top

How to export and backup outlook data

Outlook Export Wizard will save data in accordance with defined options.

Outlook Zálohovanie

Outlook data backup is simply. Extracted Outlook data can be archived and used as backup. If you would like to restore saved data (import to Outlook) you may use another solution called Outlook Import Wizard.