Самый умный, наиболее эффективные решения для импорта, Экспорт и восстановление всех ваших данных почты Outlook.

Почему извлечь письма из Outlook?

This article describes typical tasks which require that you Выписка из Outlook сообщения электронной почты, and which demand special email extraction software such as Outlook Export Wizard.

The main function of Outlook Export Wizard is email extraction, as well as the extraction of other associated information from Outlook Personal Folders files. There are tasks which can be carried out much more efficiently using email extraction software than by using Outlook’;s existing functionality.

Migrating from Outlook to alternative mail clients.

MS Outlook’;s closed .msg message format, and its limited export-import functions, make it difficult to передача электронной почты to third-party mail clients. Outlook Export Wizard allows you to Выписка из Outlook сообщения электронной почты, automatically converting them into various formats, including the universal .eml format. EML files can easily be imported into Thunderbird, Летучая мышь, or Windows Mail, thereby allowing you to migrate and transfer email.

Processing individual messages.

В PST storage format is a convenient way of storing data. But in some cases, it makes more sense to work with extracted e-mails. Например, on a removable disk individual messages take up less space than an entire PST storage archive. You can edit e-mail files using a text editor (for .txt or .rtf) or HTML editor (for .html), while you cannot process messages from a PST file without first putting it in MS Outlook. Кроме того, you cannot clean a virus from PST storage without checking each message separately. Note that during the email extraction процесс, Outlook Export Wizard does not conflict with antivirus software and allows the software to check each exported message.

Extracting messages with attachments.

Outlook Export Wizard’;s convenient system of filters allows you to экспорт электронной почты with attachments and save them on a hard disk. This can be important for reducing the size of a mail database (PST файл), creating a database of e-mails with important attachments on a protected file sever, or organizing shared access to e-mails with attachments for employees.

Converting messages from PST files to other formats.

MS Outlook’;s built-in features offer a small choice of formats should you choose to экспорт электронной почты; besides this, they are also inconvenient for processing large amounts of data. Outlook Export Wizard is a 2-in-1 program combining the functionality of an e-mail grabber and a converter. Using it to Выписка из Outlook электронная почта, you can convert them into the appropriate format, while the unique algorithm guarantees high processing speed (even when converting messages) and rules out data loss.

Backup creation.

It is evident that not all e-mail messages in a PST файл are of the same importance. Using Outlook Export Wizard, Вы можете export e-mails of special importance in any format that you like, and then place them in a password-protected archive or on a drive protected from unauthorized access. Another benefit to Outlook Import Wizard is that you can always import the messages back, so the combination of these two tools is an ideal solution for creating backups and restoring e-mails in your .pst files.

As has been described above, Outlook Export Wizard makes it easy to extract from Outlook not only e-mails, but other data stored in Personal Folders files. All supported data types and files formats are described in the article below this link.