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What are the “;Attachments”; and “;File Size”; grupuri de setări pentru? Cum pot extrage ataşări dintr-un fişier Outlook PST?

Below is a description of the “;Attachments”; and “;File Size”; groups of options in Outlook Export Wizard for when you want to filter email with attachment fişiere, extract attachments, and set size limits for the messages you extrage din Outlook.

Why extract attachments and related e-mails from Outlook Personal Folders files?

It can be handy to extract attachments or messages with attachments from Outlook for the following reasons:

  • pentru a reduce PST file size;
  • to sort your messages by “;email with attachment; vs. ;email without attachment;
  • pentru a save attachments şi email with attachment files on a protected file server, and not in a standard mail database;
  • to set up shared access to email with attachment fişiere (de exemplu, for company employees);
  • pentru a save attachments from your e-mail messages and safeguard them using a password-protected archive;
  • to process messages with attachments: extract attachments, save attachments to your hard drive, sau delete
  • attachments associated with messages.

    ;Attachments”; and “;File Size”; opţiuni: filters to extract attachments şi email with attachment files from Outlook

    Pentru a export attachments and messages with attachments, Outlook Export Wizard has a variety of options that you can view by clicking the “;Options”; button on the first page of the wizard. We will be looking at the “;Attachments”; and “;File Size”; Setări, which can be used as filters when you export attachments from Outlook Personal Folders files.

    • Using the “;Attachments”; Setări, users can control the process for exporting attachment EML and MSG files (used to store attachments). În mod implicit, ;Attachments”; is set to “;Export ALL eml files”;, extracting from Outlook all e-mail messages, with no exceptions. If you set this option to “;Skip e-mails containing attachments”;, the program will skip all Outlook attachments during migration. The program will block emails containing email attachments; they will remain in the .pst file. The reverse is possible as well: to extract from Outlook attachments and the messages containing them, şi block emails which are purely text.

    Please note that when using the “;Attachments”; opţiune, Outlook Export Wizard extracts not email attachments per se, but rather email with attachment fişiere, or the opposite, email without attachment fişiere. The current version of the program does not allow you to save attachments separately from the messages themselves.

    • With the help of the “;File size”; opţiune, you can limit the size of messages that are exported. În mod implicit, the filter is set to “;Unlimited”; meaning that there is no maximum file size for the files that are processed. If you set this option to “;Skip messages greater than (Mb);, you should indicate a file size in megabytes: the program during export will block emails whose size exceeds the value you set here. The program will extrage din Outlook e-mails whose size is less than this value, regardless of whether the e-mail has attached files.