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What Is The Difference Between The Outlook Recovery Wizard And Microsoft Scanpst Standard Utility From MS Office Package?

This article describes Microsoft ScanPST software –; the program designed to repair the Inbox directory in your PC; it is also known as the Inbox Repair Tool. It also explains what makes this free .pst repair tool objectively inferior to the Recovery Wizard.

Inbox repair tool Microsoft ScanPST

Microsoft ScanPST aka the Inbox Repair Tool is a means designed for .pst files recovery. Este programa analisa o arquivo de pastas pessoais para determinar se a integridade da .pst files structure está intacto. Se o .pst structure está danificado, o software irá reconstruí-lo. Isto Inbox repair tool is developed to repair both MS Outlook 97-2002 personal folders files and MS Office Outlook 2003 and 2007 .pst files. Scanpst.exe é um free .pst repair tool Porque está contido no pacote de instalação do mesmo, juntamente com o Outlook. Para encontrar o Scanpst.exe, você pode seguir este caminho: Sua unidade:Sua unidade (for Windows XP and MS Office 2007); or just enter the query Scanpst.exe into the Windows search.

Drawbacks of Microsoft ScanPST as corrupted .pst files repair tool

Even though Microsoft ScanPST was designed as a free .pst files recovery utilitário de, it is unable to repair some types of PST corrompido arquivos.

  • MS ScanPST can only check .pst file for integrity. No other checks are run by this software and therefore, it is unable to address such characteristic issues of the Outlook storages as recovery of overflowing 2GB .pst files.
  • This software is not designed to deal with additional tasks, such as password protected .pst recovery or recovery of erroneously deleted email messages.

Its main disadvantage though is hidden in the very principle of the program’;s operation. MS ScanPST .pst files recovery process is based on the structure of the source file of the Outlook’;s personal folders. It means that in order to repair a corrupted .pst file this program goes only by the file’;s header (a part of the file, where the basic information about the whole personal folders file is stored). If .pst file’;s data does not match the information in the header, the data will be simply deleted by the program. Errors “;repaired”; in this fashion can make the .pst file structure undetectable, causing Outlook to generate error messages like the following: ;The file xxxx.pst is not a personal folders file”;.

If you are still going to try MS ScanPST, we strongly recommend creating a backup copy of the personal folders file.

As a saying goes, there’;s no such thing as a free lunch. Outlook Recovery Wizard is not claiming to be a free .pst recovery tool. Isto .pst repair tool is distributed as shareware. In return, it can boast wide functionality, performing both basic (such as the recovery of emails, contatos, tarefas, notas, etc.) and additional tasks (as the recovery of password protected PST arquivos). Using a number of recovery algorithms this software puts together and saves as many scattered crumbs of information as possible, literally repairing corrupted .pst files.