De slimste, meest effectieve oplossingen voor importeren, Exporteren en al uw Outlook-mail gegevens herstellen.

Outlook Import Software Instructions

  • Outlook Importeren ; Stap voor stap beschrijving van eml Aan Outlook procedure of hoe om te gaan importeren eml en msg bestanden in MS Outlook.
  • Outlook Exporteren ; Beschrijving van Outlook gegevens extractiemethode, hoe u kunt exporteren Outlook contactpersonen, e-mails, kalender, notities, bijlagen en andere objecten.
  • Outlook Recovery ; Hoe te herstellen beschadigd OST of PST bestand, converteren OST Aan PST indeling.

EML files transfer with Outlook Import Wizard

Met eml Aan outlook Converter (download free trial) de e-mail transfer becomes ease and fast. Outlook import utility designed as multi-page Wizard. De eml Aan outlook importeren could be performed in several steps: Selecting of destination storage. As destination, it can be selected the PST file or current Outlook storage even password protected. Next step is selecting the source folder where Outlook Import Wizard software should find the sub-folders structure and e-mail files of compatible eml of msg file formats. After this step, the software performs scan of selected folder and sub-folders and displays the list of eml en msg bestanden. All those files are selected to be imported by default, the user can change this selection. After pressing the Start button the program prompts to choose the Destination Folder of selected Outlook storage. Outlook Converter starts creating the folders and e-mails. During this operation the wizard writes complete processing log and additionally the errors log. The user can inspect both logs and perform additional steps in order to correct importing errors.

Selecting the source folder

At the first step the user should choose the source folder which contains files of .eml, .emlx en .msg formaten. The source folder may contain the multi-level nested sub-folders structure additionally. Indien u te wenst import e-mails and folders structure, please prepare it previously. Usually it is the root directory with sub-folders structure of any level of hierarchy. You can specify additional options that will be used by Outlook Import Wizard during the files searching and folders structure analysis. The first option allows program to find .eml en .msg files over the whole sub-folder levels recursively. The second option can be selected to filter .eml of .msg bestanden. The third option enables the search of the hidden files which allows to find emails while migrating from Apple Mail application.Boven

The first page of the Outlook Import WizardSource Folder –; The source folder containing EML, MSG files and folders.

Searching of EML en PST files –; sub-folders structure analysing

Outlook Import Wizard performs the scan of sub-folders structure, it will take some time to find all e-mails to be imported, necessary time will depend on files quantity. User can stop the searching process by pressing the Stop Search button. If you wish to re-run the analyze, you should return on step back by pressing Back button, then press the Next button again.

Choose Files to be Imported

The program displays e-mail files including the full path and they are selected (checked) standaard. Some files which should not be imported can be deselected. Boven

Structure Scan - Program performs the scan of folders structure and search the files.

Structure Scan –; Program performs the scan of folders structure and e-mail files search.

Configure Processing Options

Outlook Import Wizard equipped with a wide range of options and filters that allow you to fine-tune the parameters before start the messages importing or conversion. If you are not sure what option is necessary you may use the predefined options (presets). Read about Outlook Import Wizard Opties. Boven

Settings and Filters of Outlook Import Wizard

Email Processing Options and Filters

Selecting destination storage

The user can choose destination storage where eml en msg files should be imported. The current Outlook storage is selected by default. If the storage is encrypted, the password will be prompted automatically. Boven

Destination storage - Default Outlook Storage selected.
Destination storage –; Standaard Outlook Storage selected.

To select the orphaned PST bestand, you should enable the appropriate option and use the browse button to select the PST bestand. Opmerking: De PST file should be placed to the write enabled location. In case if the PST file protected with the password, please specify the correct password in the special field.

Importing of EML en MSG bestanden in Microsoft Outlook

At the last stage the program performs the importing. The user will be prompted to enter the correct password in case if the default Outlook storage was selected and it is password protected. Outlook Import Wizard will open the connection to Outlook and ask to select the destination folder in Outlook folders structure. Process will start when the user confirm the root folder choose. Opmerking: the Inbox will be chosen by default if no folder will be selected by user. Boven

Processing Log - User can inspect the processing and error logs.
Processing Log –; User can inspect the processing and error logs.

At the end of processing the user can inspect the error and processing logs in order to perform additional steps if some messages were not imported. De Outlook Import Wizard instruction describes the working of registered version. Trial version is limited by messages quantity and contains some trial reminders and other demo functions. To remove all restrictions the program should be registered with purchased license code.