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(a) In the unlikely event that OutlookImport is unable to perform a file repair, we expressly reserve the right to request and receive a copy of the damaged file where the customer notifies us of a failure of OutlookImport to repair or recover the affected file. OutlookImport undertakes not to share any data with any 3rd parties and specifically will not transmit or reveal data without express written permission provided by the client;

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(e) You use the information and content on our website at your own risk entirely. No liability shall accrue to us as a consequence of you relying on the content and information provided on this website. You are responsible for ensuring that products, information and materials found on this website will meet your own specific needs and requirements;

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(i) 3rd rabtiet partijiet terzi jista 'pprovduti fuq il-websajt tagħna li jgħaqqdu għal websites oħra. Meta tuża dawn ir-rabtiet għall-websajt ieħor, you are bound by the terms and conditions which pertain to that website –; inti għandek tikkonsulta t-taqsima xierqa ta 'tali websajt(i) sabiex tiddetermina l-politiki xierqa li japplikaw f'dak il-każ. We expressly state that such links do not imply we endorse or validate such 3rd websajt parti(i) u aħna espressament jkollhom l-ebda responsabbiltà għall-kontenut fuq dan; u

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