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Free Email estrattur

Free Email estrattur

Free Mail Extractor for Mac Mail, Thunderbird, The Bat, Entourage, Turnpike

Aħna ferħana li jintroduċu diversi għodod ta 'softwer imsejjaħ Free Messengers estrattur. Email extractors designed especially to help you to export emails from mailbox files and prepare them for migration or for archiving. Free tools are designed to work with files of mailbox format and may work with damaged mailbox files also. We hope that you will find them useful.

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Free tools are simple to use. Choose one which correspond to your email client and OS type and download it. Run the tool and select the mailbox file. Then run the counting of all items inside the mailbox, tispeċifika l-folder mira u l-estratt emails fajl forma Mbox.

Il-lista ta 'programmi mailbox kompatibbli huwa akbar. Jekk inti ma ssibx l-estrattur email għall-klijent email tiegħek nistgħu noħolqu mingħajr ħlas. Jekk jogħġbok let us know jekk inti tixtieq noħolqu l-email estrattur ġdida.

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