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What are the “;Attachments”; and “;File Size”; groups of settings for? How can I extract attachments from an Outlook PST file?

Below is a description of the “;Attachments”; and “;File Size”; groups of options in Outlook Export Wizard for when you want to filter email with attachment il-fajls, extract attachments, and set size limits for the messages you extract from Outlook.

Why extract attachments and related e-mails from Outlook Personal Folders files?

It can be handy to extract attachments or messages with attachments from Outlook for the following reasons:

  • to reduce PST file size;
  • to sort your messages by “;email with attachment; vs. ;email without attachment;
  • to save attachments u l- email with attachment files on a protected file server, and not in a standard mail database;
  • to set up shared access to email with attachment il-fajls (per eżempju, for company employees);
  • to save attachments from your e-mail messages and safeguard them using a password-protected archive;
  • to process messages with attachments: extract attachments, save attachments to your hard drive, or delete
  • attachments associated with messages.

    ;Attachments”; and “;File Size”; options: filters to extract attachments u l- email with attachment files from Outlook

    To export attachments and messages with attachments, Outlook Export Wizard has a variety of options that you can view by clicking the “;Options”; button on the first page of the wizard. We will be looking at the “;Attachments”; and “;File Size”; settings, which can be used as filters when you export attachments from Outlook Personal Folders files.

    • Using the “;Attachments”; settings, users can control the process for exporting attachment EML and MSG files (used to store attachments). By default, ;Attachments”; is set to “;Export ALL eml files”;, extracting from Outlook all e-mail messages, with no exceptions. If you set this option to “;Skip e-mails containing attachments”;, the program will skip all Outlook attachments during migration. The program will block emails containing email attachments; they will remain in the .pst file. The reverse is possible as well: to extract from Outlook attachments and the messages containing them, u l- block emails which are purely text.

    Please note that when using the “;Attachments”; option, Outlook Export Wizard extracts not email attachments per se, but rather email with attachment il-fajls, or the opposite, email without attachment il-fajls. The current version of the program does not allow you to save attachments separately from the messages themselves.

    • With the help of the “;File size”; option, you can limit the size of messages that are exported. By default, the filter is set to “;Unlimited”; meaning that there is no maximum file size for the files that are processed. If you set this option to “;Skip messages greater than (Mb);, you should indicate a file size in megabytes: the program during export will block emails whose size exceeds the value you set here. The program will extract from Outlook e-mails whose size is less than this value, regardless of whether the e-mail has attached files.