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La nuova versione di Outlook Importazione guidata rilasciato, v 1.5.3

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We have added some additional options wich allow to increased Importazione EML funzionalità. Now you can limit the maximum size of EML e/o MSG file to be imported. This can be effective if you mistakenly attached the large file to some of e-mails and then have trouble opening such large e-mail in Microsoft Outlook. It is possible now to filter out the EML files containing attachments as well as the messages that have no attachments. La nuova versione di Outlook Importazione guidata (1.5.3) è available for download. We hope that you will appreciate the advantages of extended EML al convertitore di outlook.

Outlook Importazione guidata lets you transfer EML and MSG mail files to Microsoft Outlook quickly and painlessly. Not only does Outlook Import Wizard convert email messages, conserva anche tutti gli allegati, so you’;ll mantenere l'integrità di tutti i tuoi dati originali durante l'esportazione.