Gáfaðasti, mest áhrif lausnir fyrir að Flytja, Flyt út og Jafna sig á ykkur Outlook póst gögn.

Outlook Bata Galdrakarlinn

Voldugur tól handa .PST data bata og OST til PST snið umbreyting. Getur verið notaður sem PST [object Window].

Outlook Recovery Wizard er mjög skilvirkur og það fljótt PST laga verkfæri það mun hjálpa þér endurheimta bréf, verkefni, dagatal færslur, nótur, sambönd og öðrum hlutum frá sködduð Outlook PST/OST files. Forritið er einfaldur seiðkarl-byggt tengi þetta sýnir næstum enga endurheimta spillt Outlook gagnaskrár í mínútur, þannig reducing í downtime og eliminating þörf fyrir dýr neyðartilfelli data bata þjónustur séð með því þriðja aðila. Nei fyrri reynslu af gögnum bata eða,, sérstökum hæfileikum krafist!

Outlook Repair utilityLykillinn kosti fram úr Outlook Recovery Wizard eru hraða, einfaldleika og notar mörg nánari bata algrímum fyrir fjölpassi gögn viðgerðir. The software is based on a proprietary recovery engine that employs several algorithms to ensure that the PST skrána being recovered has been analysed to the maximum extent and all possible measures have been taken to extract the skemmd PST data structures.

First, the program scans the content of the PST, OST file and looks for headers and signatures pointing to user’;s data. Once found, the Outlook Recovery tool attempts to match the indexes with the located data. The results of this attempt are shown to the user on the preview stage.

Finally, the recovered Outlook data is saved to the output file according to the index structure. To put it simply, Outlook Recovery Wizard accepts an input PST / OST skrána, attempts to find any recoverable data, repairs and saves them to a PST skrána of the old Outlook format or to the Outlook 2003+ PST format, depending on the user’;s choice. And the great thing about this software is that you don’;t need to do anything –; just point to the file, adjust a couple of recovery options and lean back to watch Outlook Recovery work its magic!

Hleðslufor Windows 32/64 bit- Kaupinlicense code online

Kerfi Kröfur: Microsoft Windows OS, 32 or 64-bit version, Microsoft Outlook 97-2016 for Windows, 32 bit edition (with 64 bit edition you may save recovered data to EML files only). Source files of compatible format: *.ost, *.valkosti.

Below is a list of the most remarkable features of Outlook Recovery Wizard

The program has a very simple interface based on an easy to use wizard. The wizard consists of the following short steps:

  1. Selection of the source file and target directory;
  2. Analysis and preview of repaired Outlook data;
  3. Saving of the recovered PST data.

  • Use of several advanced algorithms for multi-pass data recovery from damaged PST/OST files –; ensures 100% recovery efficiency
  • Requires absolutely no knowledge of Outlook data bata basics or previous recovery experience –; the process is simple and straightforward
  • Optimization and defragmentation of output files. All files generated by the program are already compacted and defragmented, so you don’;t need to use the Compact command in Outlook to reduce the structure size
  • Possibility to convert OST að skrár PST
  • Support of files over 4 GB in size
  • Removes password protection from recovered files and supports recovery from password-protected files
  • Recovers data from encrypted PST files
  • Reads and previews the content of PST og OST files, can be used as PST [object Window]
  • Recovers all types of objects from Outlook PST files: messages, sambönd, calendar entries, nótur, fleira.
  • Compatible with PST files created in Microsoft Outlook 97-2016 and OST files used in Microsoft Exchange
  • Keeps the original file intact and unchanged, saves recovered data to a new, compacted and optimized output file

Please note that the demo version of Outlook Recovery Wizard shows the content of messages and other items for a couple of seconds and them covers it with a pane. However, this should be enough to see what information is potentially recoverable. The demo version also recovers a limited number of items per folder, so you is able to save the PST skrána, Open it with Outlook and check how it saved.

Repair Corrupted PST og OST Files

Outlook Recovery Wizard is an excellent tool for anyone who has ever faced the problem of corrupted PST, OST files or would like to be well-prepared for such force majeure cases. Don’;t waste time and money hiring recovery experts who will charge you a pretty penny for every message restored from your files. Forget about sending your PST files with confidential private and business information to recovery services and worrying about it. Take control of the situation and use the potential of this great PST repair software from the convenience of your home or workplace. Try Outlook Recovery Wizard today and it won’;t disappoint you even in the most desperate situations!

Simply to Use Outlook Recovery Utility

Outlook Recovery Wizard is affordable, easy to use and very efficient, even in the hands of novices. No matter what happened to your Outlook data file, it will take you minutes to scan it and start recovering your PST data. With Outlook Recovery Wizard, you won’;t depend on the availability of third-party recovery experts and pay a pretty penny for their services. Outlook Recovery Wizard will minimize downtimes and maximize your chances of recovering all of your information in no time!

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af Anders Both on Outlook Bata Galdrakarlinn
Good product

Thank you very much for a good product it worked like a charm, and soon I will need an additional license.

af Petr Schmidt on Outlook Bata Galdrakarlinn

2GB+ of email files were successfully recovered. Probably the best $40 I ever spend on software!