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MBOX to EML Converter –; Free eml extractor

Mbox to EML Converter –; extract emails from mbox and mbx mailbox files of thunderbird eudora entourage. The free mbox to eml converting utility supported to .mbox and .mbx mailbox files of Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage and other mailbox formats.

Please note that we have updated the MBOX Converter with new functions and interface. It is more powerful now! Read more about MBOX to EML Extractor updates.

Mbox to Eml Converter is the special tool which intended to extract emails from mailbox files of Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Eudora, Entourage and other email clients.

MBOX to EML Converter

Many email clients still doesn’;t have an email export feature which would export e-mails in a format understandable by Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook. Mbox to Eml Converter can be of great help in the procedure of migration. For sample: it is the best way to export all of the emails in a Thunderbird inbox to eml files, one file per email. The mbox extractor included to the [object Window] setup but can be downloaded and used as standalone tool. Mbox2Eml don’;t need additional modules to be installed, just download and run MBOX to EML Converter, [object Window]. [object Window], [object Window]. [object Window] [object Window], [object Window].

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All email messages for Thunderbird account are stored in a subdirectory named after the mail server. For example if you have a Yahoo POP account it would create a pop.yahoo.com subdirectory in Mail folder. All messages would be stored in special mailbox files with the folders name and no file extension called mbox files. For example, the inbox folder would be called “;Inbox.”;. If you have the [object Window] [object Window], open the program group and execute the shortcut “;MBOX to EML Converter;. If you don’;t have the [object Window] [object Window], descargar the standalone MBOX Email Extractor and run it.

To find the exact patch to the mailbox storage you may run the Thunderbird software, press “;Tools”; in the main menu, then “;Account Settings…;;, select the “;Server Settings”; item. The current emails storage is stated in the “;Local Directory”; field.

Select the Mailbox File (mbox file to extract):

Click “;Select File; button and select the mbox file you wish to convert (Inbox for sample). The program opens the default Thunderbird profiles directory.


You should select and open the profile and then Mail folder, then open the account directory to access to the mbox files. You might need to set the “;Files of type”; option to “;All Files”; in the file selection dialog, since Thunderbird mbox files don’;t have an extension.

Extract Emails From Selected Mailbox

The mailbox file is selected and now you need to choose a directory where eml files will be stored and then start the process. Press “;Extract Emails; button and select the empty folder where program should save extracted emails. You can create a new folder and then select it as a target for eml files. The program will start the extraction and all steps will be displayed in the processing log.

Import Eml Files Into Outlook Pst

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Outlook Express can read the eml format as a native email. If you wish to import multiple eml files into Outlook Express folder, you should select eml files and drag the selection to the Outlook Express folder. Outlook Express will import eml files to separate emails and you will be able to organize them inside the mail client.

Software archives have done complete security tests of Free MBOX to EML Converter. Free MBOX to EML Converter is clean and safe to install, it is awarded with 100% Safe Award.