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Aforrar Tempo e Esforzo Importar E-Mails en Microsoft Outlook.

EML to PST ConverterOutlook Import Wizard, [ DESCARGAR ] unha aplicación que permite a importación de correo-e de .EML, .EMLX [object Window] .MSG formatos gardadas dende outros clientes de correo electrónico en Microsoft Outlook con facilidade.

Outlook Import Wizard obras como eml [object Window] pst [object Window] msg [object Window] pst conversor con built-in módulo de primaria verificación de integridade. Permite a importación non só mensaxes, pero tamén os arquivos adxuntos. E por riba de todo, Outlook Import Wizard allows preserving folder structure while importing e-mails, which is particularly convenient for importing backups.

The package also contains a bonus –; a free mbox to eml converter.
With help of this free utility you can extract emails from *.mbox files for future importing to Outlook.

The Outlook Import Wizard is support to work in couple with 64-bit edition of Microsoft Outlook. Fast and accurate Outlook importing tool is powered with set of options and filters which make possible to filter emails by date, size and attached files. The Email Preprocessing Engine converts the emails encoded by the Mac OS [object Window] Unix applications on the fly.

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Get it from CNET Download.com! ;Get it from CNET Download.com!

[object Window]: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit), Microsoft Outlook 97-2016 for Windows, (32 or 64 bit). Source files of compatible format.

The special Batch Mode allows to setup a batch queue and transfer email archives into several .pst files at once.

Outlook Import Wizard Features:

Outlook Import Wizard ; doado de usar utilidade que permite a copia eml [object Window] msg [object Window] Outlook incluíndo a estrutura de carpetas, serve como eml to pst converter, transferencias eml arquivos en Microsoft Outlook, importación EML [object Window] Outlook mantendo a estrutura do cartafol.

  • Importación de arquivos de correo-e en Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Importación e converter o arquivo de Directorios do sistema de Outlook Carpetas
  • [object Window] eml arquivos en Outlook, importación msg arquivos en Outlook
  • Converter eml [object Window] Outlook .pst Persoal de Almacenamento, mesmo protexido por contrasinal
  • Importación editar mensaxes de correo electrónico gardado por outros programas
  • Converter .eml [object Window] .pst, converter .msg [object Window] .pst
  • Crear un novo sub-cartafol para cada sesión de importación con un selo de tempo
  • Preservar a estrutura do cartafol, mentres que a importación de arquivos en MS Outlook
  • [object Window] eml arquivos en defecto de Outlook PST perfil, orfas PST ficheiro ou recén creado PST [object Window]
  • Filtros de importación: límite de ficheiros por tamaño, eliminar ou incluír anexos, etc.
  • As opcións de importación: crear estrutura subpastas ou a importación de todas as mensaxes a un cartafol
  • Opción a importación msg arquivos como RFC 822 formato
  • Pre-procesamento opción para e-mails gardados da Unix [object Window] MAC OS computers.
  • Installation includes free mbox [object Window] eml [object Window] (Free mailbox converter supports: Entourage .mbox, Incredimail .imm, Mac Mail .dat, PocoMail, MailCopa .mbox, The Bat! .dat Turnpike – Berkeley Mail .txt, Thunderbird, converter mbox [object Window] pst)
  • Mac OS X .EMLX files format support
  • Unicode PST files support, can create .pst files more then 2Gb and 4Gb, Outlook 2007 support
  • Unicode MSG files creation support till converting emails to MSG formato
  • Built-in email converter eml [object Window] msg, msg [object Window] eml. Converter eml [object Window] rtf, msg, pst, html, txt.
  • [object Window] eml files to any version of Microsoft Outlook designed for Windows OS.
  • Batch Processing mode {read more about Batch Mode}
  • Both [object Window] [object Window] 64-bit version are included! Outlook 64-bit now supported!
  • Multilanguage GUI: [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window]
  • NEW! Supports to importación VCF [object Window] into Outlook [object Window] VCF [object Window] PST [object Window]
  • NEW! Capable to import DAT files of TNEF formato [object Window] Outlook
  • NEW! Supports to import file of any format [object Window] Microsoft Outlook. Any files can be archived now to one or several PST [object Window].
  • Enjoy user-friendly interface
  • Save your time taking advantage of the program’;s high performance

Importing emails into Microsoft Outlook

An e-mail client is usually used as storage of essential information, including e-mails from friends, relatives, clients and business partners, important files and documents. Losing or screwing it up would be at least extremely unpleasant, that’;s why a user needs to be very careful and attentive when importing messages into Microsoft Outlook. But even that can’;t ensure the best result, fortunately, there is a program that can –; and it’;s Outlook Import Wizard.

Migrate to MS Outlook

A smart tool, the program is designed to importación .EML [object Window] .MSG arquivos en MS Outlook quickly and easily, therefore it gets very simple to leave an old e-mail client for Microsoft Outlook (Outlook Express, Vista Mail, Live Mail, Windows Mail, Incredimail, Thunderbird, The Bat!, Eudora, MailCopa, Eartlink Mailbox, Turnpike, PocoMail, Berkeley Mail, Mac-Mail (Apple Mail), Entourage etc.). The program can benefit data recovery tools users, as it allows to import messages recovered into MS Outlook, which can be quite tricky without Outlook Import Wizard. The reliable algorithm employed by the app makes data loss during import impossible. And what’;s more, the app takes care of the user’;s security: it doesn’;t interfere with antivirus scanning, o que significa que as mensaxes poden ser verificados e o sistema segue a ser protexido. Outlook a importación de utilidade, as importacións eml [object Window] msg arquivos de correo-e para Outlook cunha estrutura de carpetas. EML para converter PST formato.

Prezos e Dispoñibilidade

Outlook Import Wizard corre baixo Windows 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 e compatible con Outlook [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], 2013 e 2016. Outlook Import Wizard poden ser rexistradas mediante Licenza Individual ; para usuarios domésticos e Licenza da empresa ; para usuarios de negocios, estendido licenza de Sitio tamén está dispoñible. Máis información sobre o produto, así como a súa libre de avaliación copiar está dispoñible a partir de descrición [object Window] descargar páxinas. Libre mbox para eml converter, pode ser descargada por separado mediante esta ligazón: Libre MBOX to EML Converter.

The registered version may have a newer version number and include additional features and functionality than provided in the trial version. Licensed users are entitled to the fully-functional copy of the software and free lifetime upgrades.

NOTE: The unregistered trial version includes registration purchase reminders. An unregistered user will be able to convert only a limited number of files. The converter is Not designed to import messages to MS Outlook Express. It is importing messages into MS Outlook, so the MS Outlook installation is required.

Outlook Import Wizard tested and reviewed by the top Download sites.

The numerous software websites, computer catalogs, magazines and typographers have praised our excellent software and service. Outlook Import Wizard was reviewed by many computer magazines editors, you can find editorial reviews at the top download sites. Estamos constantemente a recibir múltiples feedbacks de software que os usuarios e estamos orgullosos de que os nosos usuarios altamente apreciar a calidade dos nosos produtos e servizos.

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 ;8 reviews
por Mark Jordan en [object Window]
Brilliant - worth every penny

This product is awesome – It has converted Windows Mail EML export files directly into Outlook 2016 seamlessly.

I had 10’s of thousands of stored emails in my inbox and 1000’s of sent emails on an ancient machine, They are all now on my new PC in a little over a couple of hours.

Great work

por Un Tarlow en [object Window]
A migración foi impecable.

Programa convertido miles de correos electrónicos a partir de Windows Live para Outlook. A migración foi impecable.

por Oystein Hogvard en [object Window]
Non perder nada.

Asistente de Importación de Outlook me axudou a unha gran cantidade de conversión de Thunderbird para o Outlook formato de correo. Non perder nada, realmente, só utilizado para este único propósito aínda, con certeza vai usalo no futuro se se cobre a necesidade.

por Jay Markanich en [object Window]
Funciona perfectamente!

A súa aplicación facilmente me permitiu a importación de miles de correos electrónicos doutras fontes en outlook. Eu precisaba para crear un arquivo PST ampla a partir de varias fontes e a súa aplicación fixo o truco perfectamente e sen esforzo... Grazas!

por Douglas Treadway en [object Window]
Grazas polo bo programa.

Outlook Asistente de Importación realizadas perfectamente cando eu precisaba de importar arquivos de Thunderbird para o Outlook. Agora, Eu teño que limpar o meu ordenador e eliminar programas innecesarios/materiais. Grazas polo bo programa.

por Steve Conlin en [object Window]
Ten un grande con BestBuy é Geek Squad, en todo o país.

Antigo para un novo. Eu precisaba do meu vello Windows Mail, trasladado para o meu novo portátil, Windows 8, e convertido a partir de Windows Mail para Outlook. Este foi realizado coa súa aplicación. Ten un grande con BestBuy é Geek Squad, en todo o país.

por Ben O ' Donnell en [object Window]
O software traballou ben e sinxelo de usar.

I needed to take all my emails from my Mac Mail into Outlook on a PC. O software traballou ben e sinxelo de usar.

por Steven Taylor en [object Window]
It worked flawlessly!

My reason for purchasing your software was to import my Mac OS X Mail into Outlook on my new PC. It worked flawlessly!