Älykkäin, kaikkein tehokkaimmat ratkaisut tuominen, Vientiä ja periä kaikki Outlookin sähköpostin tiedot.

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Moving from one place to another can be a troublesome endeavor in the real world –; and so can a full migration from one email client to another in the computer universe. Outlook Import Wizard aims to solve this rather serious problem.

In real life, relocating from one apartment to another ideally takes a team of moving professionals, good coordination and timing. The same recipe works for email migrations –; message conversion should be performed with a reliable tool capable of transferring each and every of the user’;s sähköpostit to the destination system leaving everything intact and doing it as quickly as possible.

Transfer to OutlookOutlook Import Wizard is a multifunctional conversion and import tool for everyone looking for a way to transfer to Outlook from another email client, kuten Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape Mail, The Bat or Mac Mail. The software tremendously facilitates the tuonti ja transfer of EML, TNEF (DAT) and MSG message files Outlookiin by automating most of the necessary operations. Thanks to the simple wizard-based interface, Outlook Ohjattu tuominen can be used literally by anyone, even by users with basic computer skills.

Experienced users can benefit from additional Outlook transfer options and filters. Esimerkiksi, they can be used for narrowing down the list of messages to be transfered or preprocessing messages created in non-Windows operating systems for extra compatibility. The algorithm in the core of Outlook Import Wizard completely rules out the possibility of damaging data during conversion and is extremely fast, so even large email archives won’;t take too long.

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Outlook Ohjattu tuominen - Transfer EML, MSG, VCF, ICF files to Outlook

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Transfer to OutlookTransfer to OutlookThe latest version of the program features a number of improvements aimed at offering users more conversion scenarios and options. One of the greatest improvements over the previous versions is the introduction of the batch processing mode that enables the creation of multiple Outlook PST files from a set of folders containing messages and attachments. Apart from this, the program can now transfer vCard (*.vcf) files to Outlook, supports the TNEF format and allows users to import any files to Outlook PST files, thus turning them into a kind of storage container. This may be a good solution for users willing to have their most frequently used documents inside their Outlook PST file for quicker access or for portability purposes. Finally, the most recent version of the program features a multilingual user interface currently supporting English, saksa, ranska, venäjä, italia, espanja, portugali, hollanti, ruotsi, Danish and Japanese.

Outlook Import Wizard fully supports all versions of Outlook, including 32- and 64-bit editions.