Targem, kõige tõhusam lahenduste importimine, Eksportija- ja katta kõik teie Outlooki e-posti andmed.

Automatic extracted Outlook item type recognition or: Why do you need the Autodetect function?

This article describes the main ideas behind the functioning of the automatic Outlook item type recognition function, ;Tuvasta,; in Outlook Export Wizard, as well as ways to use it when exporting Outlooki andmed.

PST files are containers holding e-kirjade, sidemed, kalendri sissekanded and other sorts of Outlooki andmed. Each of these types has its own format (näiteks, .msg for e-mail messages), samal ajal .pst files are a type of archive combining this set of data into a single entity for standardizing information storage in a single format. And if Personal Folders files are archives, there should be an “;archiver”; to help you split PST files into these separate types. Outlook Export Wizard is an excellent tool for this task, as this Outlook extractor with its built-in Autodetect feature can split PST files into their components, extracting their data “;as-is”; without converting them into another format.

At the heart of the Tuvasta võimalus is a smart analysis engine which can recognize an Outlook item by type. Kui selle Tuvasta võimalus is turned on, Outlook Export Wizard will eksport kirju in the native .msg format, extract contacts as vCard (.vcf) virtual business cards and extract Outlook Kalender events in vCalendari (.vcs) vorming. Other Outlooki üksused (märkmed, agenda kanded) will be saved as files with the .msg extension, since this format is universal for almost any type of Outlook item. If a Note item, näiteks, is extracted from a .pst file in message format, then the next time that the file thus created is opened, all of the Note’;s information fields will maintain their values and be displayed in note format.

Turning on the Tuvasta võimalus makes sense in cases when it is necessary to split PST files into separate files without changing their format. Näiteks, to edit saved information or if you wish to later merge PST files into one (you can use Outlook Import Wizard to import e-mails). Outlook Export Wizard will not only eksport kirju, contacts and notes quickly and problem-free, kuid see läheb ka Outlook kausta struktuuri arvesse Windows Explorer, which cannot be done using MS Outlook’;s built-in export features.

Kui, asemel automaattuvastusega funktsiooni, valid sihtmärgi Formaat, siis kõik eksporditud Outlooki üksuse faile Outlooki üksuse faile.