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Software displays the error message about missing or damaged components, what should I do?

Spørgsmål: How to solve the problem when Outlook Import Wizard components are missing or damaged?

Outlook Import Wizard Displays Message:

One of Outlook Import Wizard components are missing or damaged.

Vigtigt: Please check that Microsoft Outlook is installed og default Outlook profile is configured på din computer. If you just installed the MS Outlook, please run it and follow all steps to setup your profile. Then close the Outlook and run Outlook Import Wizard.

To Solve this issue, Vær så venlig:

  1. Remove the Outlook Import Wizard,
  2. Download the latest installation from official site
  3. Install software again.

I have done it already but it is not working…;

Svar: Please do the following:

Described error may be caused by the virus activity or file system problems, so it is strongly recommended to check the system on viruses, then remove them and check the file system on CRC errors and correct the file allocation records.

  1. Reboot the computer and don’;t run the Microsoft Outlook
  2. Please ensure that you have logon to the system by user with administrative rights.
  3. Execute the “;correct_error.bat; file which was installed with Outlook Import Wizard. You could find the “;correct_error.bat; file in the same directory where the Outlook Import Wizard was installed, for eksempel: ;D:Program FilesOutlook Import Wizardcorrect_error.bat”;

If the problem persists, please contact our technical support.