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Какво прави "Намери скритите файлове" Outlook внос опция в Outlook Съветник за импортиране??

Вижте как можете да избегнете бъркотия и хаос в PST файлове организацията при импортиране Apple Mail messages into Outlook. Import to Outlook without including unnecessary files and adding blank messages to your Outlook folders.

Simplify Outlook PST import от Apple Mail by skipping unnecessary files.

If you are seeking to do a complete migration from Apple Mail към Outlook, you can use Outlook Import Wizard and its recently added option called “;Find hidden files;. Initially, the option was added to the program to allow its users to automatically process files with a “;hidden”; attribute without having to open the folder and change file attributes manually.

Although Outlook Import Wizard has always been capable fulfilling comprehensive Outlook внос задачи, but it was only recently that it had finally gotten a new option that enabled it to do its job better and not fill your PST files with empty and completely unnecessary messages. The problem that makes it so hard to perform a clean Outlook PST import from an array of Apple Mail files is in fact quite simple.

Apple Mail uses the same folder to store email messages and its own index files. Index files are special files used for speeding up search from within the program. Въпреки това, you do not need them during Outlook внос ; they do not contain valid information and will be added to Outlook as blank entries cluttering your folders. If you want to avoid this and do a clean migration of your Apple Mail emails to Outlook, use Outlok Import Wizard and make sure to disable the “;Find hidden files; option to prevent the program from including hidden index files into it Outlook PST import file set.

Import to PST without adding empty and completely useless records.

The option is available on the second step of the import wizard. Once you have selected the destination for the files you are about to внос на PST (по подразбиране Outlook съхранение, една сираци PST файла или нов файл PST) and clicked the “;Next”; бутон, you will be taken to the second step of the wizard where you can specify the source of email files to be imported and configure the import to Outlook настройки. The “;Find hidden files; option is located right on the wizard page, so you don’;t need to look for it on the Опции страница. Once you’;ve selected the option, proceed as usual until you have imported the selected messages to a PST file. Както виждате, importing emails from Apple Mail към Outlook without annoying blank messages appearing in place of erroneously imported search index files is extremely easy. Outlook Import Wizard makes it merely a matter of checking a single box.

See how you can avoid clutter and organizational chaos in your PST files when importing Apple Mail messages into Outlook. Import to Outlook without including unnecessary files and adding blank messages to your Outlook folders.