Самы разумны, найбольш эфектыўныя рашэнні для імпарту, Экспарт і аднаўленне ўсіх вашых дадзеных пошты Outlook.

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Outlook Import.com Terms of Service (ToS)

OutlookImport.com is a commercial website and operates policies which govern the usage of our website and protects the rights of users and customers.

If you continue to use OutlookImport.com you thereby agree to our various policies and to our Terms of Service together with any ancillary conditions pertaining thereto.

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The term “;Outlook Import Software”;, or “;OutlookImport”;, or “;we”;, or “;us”;, refers to the proprietor of the OutlookImport.com website. OutlookImport’;s physical contact address is:

65 Каралева Вул. Ш Таронта, НА M5H 2M8, Канада

The term “;you”;, refers to the user, visitor or customer on our website.

The following terms and conditions expressly apply:

(а) In the unlikely event that OutlookImport is unable to perform a file repair, we expressly reserve the right to request and receive a copy of the damaged file where the customer notifies us of a failure of OutlookImport to repair or recover the affected file. OutlookImport undertakes not to share any data with any 3rd parties and specifically will not transmit or reveal data without express written permission provided by the client;

(b) Content and information on this website and web pages are for your general information only –; the content is subject to change without notice;

(c) We may vary the price of its merchandise at any time. New price will apply to all orders placed after the price change. By continuing to use the software or a website after the price change takes effect, you accept the new price.

(d) These Terms will continue to apply to you until terminated by either you or OutlookImport. OutlookImport may terminate the Terms or suspend your access to the service at any time without further explanations, including in the event of your actual or suspected unauthorised use of the OutlookImport products and services or non-compliance with the Terms. If you or OutlookImport terminate the Terms, or if OutlookImport suspends your access to the company products or services, you agree that OutlookImport shall have no liability or responsibility to you and OutlookImport will not refund any amounts that you have already paid, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law.

(e) Cookies are used to monitor visitor surfing and browsing preferences and behavior. If your computer allows cookies, we may use personal information so obtained in accordance with our Privacy Policy;

(f) No warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy of the information and content on the website is provided, whether supplied by us or 3rd боку. Мы не даем ніякіх гарантый у дачыненні да дакладнасці, прадукцыйнасці, своечасовасць, прыдатнасць, паўнаты і дастасавальнасці ўтрымання, прадстаўленай на нашым сайце або якой-небудзь канкрэтнай мэты або выкарыстання. Працягваючы выкарыстоўваць наш вэб-сайт, Вы пацвярджаеце, што змест і інфармацыя, якую мы прадстаўляем, можа быць недакладнай або ўтрымоўваць памылкі; вы прызнаеце, што наша адказнасць выключаецца ў дачыненні да такога недакладнасці ці памылкі ў максімальнай строгасці закона;

(г) You use the information and content on our website at your own risk entirely. No liability shall accrue to us as a consequence of you relying on the content and information provided on this website. You are responsible for ensuring that products, information and materials found on this website will meet your own specific needs and requirements;

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(i) All trade marks which are not owned by OutlookImport are so designated by us on the website;

(г) Unauthorized use of our website and the materials found thereon may give rise to a claim for damages. Further, said use may constitute a criminal offense;

(k) 3rd Спасылкі могуць быць прадастаўлены на нашым сайце, якія падключаюцца на іншыя сайты. Калі вы выкарыстоўваеце гэтыя спасылкі, каб перайсці на іншы сайт, you are bound by the terms and conditions which pertain to that website –; вам варта пракансультавацца ў адпаведным раздзеле такога сайта(з) для вызначэння адпаведнай палітыкі, якія прымяняюцца ў тым выпадку. We expressly state that such links do not imply we endorse or validate such 3rd сайт партыі(з) і мы адназначна не нясе адказнасці за ўтрыманне ім; і

(л) Your use of our website and any dispute arising therefrom shall be governed by the law of Canada.