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  3. Click with the right mouse button on the selected group of messages and choose the “;Forward; option. This will create an email containing the messages you selected as attachments.
  4. Type in the name for the message in the ‘;Subject; field (this step is required).
  5. Don’;t send the message, just close it.
  6. [object Window] will prompt you to save the message as Draft, confirm that by pressing Yes.
  7. Find the E-mail in your Drafts folder and click on it once to highlight it, but don’;t double click on it to open it up in a second window.
  8. On the [object Window] Menu Bar, select File ->; Save As. Change the file type to .EML in the Save window, give the file a name and save it to to a folder of your choosing.
  9. Repeat steps until you have saved all of the emails you want to export.

Now you can import EML files saved from Earthlink into Outlook.

Run the Перспектывы Майстры Імпарту and select the target. Select and source folder where Eml файлы are located. Configure options you like and run the importing. You can read more in Outlook Import Wizard usage instruction.